Family Heirloom: Inspiration For Home Decorating

Family Heirloom: Inspiration For Home Decorating – For many people, the past holds significance so strong and special; they do not want to let it go. Memories on eras before their own time, especially when More »

The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France

The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France – The Crossbox House is a excellent example of how imaginative tips and layout innovation can generate surprises. This project is a prototype of a Three-dimensional More »

Retro Homes: A Look At The 70’s And 80’s

Retro Homes: A Look at the 70’s and 80’s – Every twenty to thirty years, it seems that fashion tends to come full circle, with trends simply being recycled and updated. It could More »

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas – Shabby chic style will turn your living room into a comfortable space with the romance of things that are old or vintage pieces that have a purpose. More »

Open Floor Plan Living Area: Designing Ideas

Open Floor Plan Living Area: Designing Ideas – Designing an open floor plan living area can be a great way to make your living areas seem more spacious. Without walls to visually More »


Furniture Trends 2012

Furniture Trends 2012

Decorating a house by following the latest furniture trends can be both fun and stressful, not to mention time consuming and exhausting. But, if you don’t want to appeal to the help of a professional or, have better ideas in your mind that don’t want to be spoiled with professional interior design advice, working alone and following furniture trends might come as a bless. Besides the fact that you will take part step by step to the reconstruction of your home, the time spent will release from all the stress you put up with at the job or dealing with personal matters.

Luxurious bathroom tv

Luxurious bathroom tv

Bathroom TV – The idea of having a bathroom TV may seem like bit of a luxury and the type of thing you only get to see in movies or on MTV, but they are actually quite assessable. For safety’s sake you must make sure that you buy a bathroom TV which is designed purely for the job of providing you with entertainment in the steamiest room in the home.

There are different sized televisions to suit any size of bathroom in your home. The smallest bathroom TV ranges from just 15” which are perfect to have built into the wall at the end of your bath. If you have a great deal of room in your bathroom then you could afford to go for a larger television screen. The biggest bathroom TV is an impressive 42”, which is ideal if you love the idea of watching movies or even sports while taking a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day.