How to make the most of storage in a small bedroom

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Decorate Your Home With Greenery

Decorate Your Home With Greenery – The Pantone color of 2017 is the greenery, which is really refreshing and revitalizing. Speaking of greenery, the first thing that comes to my mind would be the More »

Passive Homes Design

Passive homes are beginning to really make their mark within the real estate industry today and more and more people are beginning to see the long-term benefits of building new homes from More »

Family Heirloom: Inspiration For Home Decorating

Family Heirloom: Inspiration For Home Decorating – For many people, the past holds significance so strong and special; they do not want to let it go. Memories on eras before their own time, especially when More »

The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France

The Crossbox House In Pont Péan, France – The Crossbox House is a excellent example of how imaginative tips and layout innovation can generate surprises. This project is a prototype of a Three-dimensional More »


The Perfect Christmas Tree Decorations

The Perfect Christmas Tree Decorations

The Perfect Christmas Tree Decorations – While other trees in the house may be faux (yes, the ease is enticing) the main tree, whether placed in the living room or entry hall is always fresh-cut. For the best and freshest tree possible we recommend using a tree farm that will cut and ship directly to your home. If you can’t bear not picking out your own tree then pile in the car and make an outing out of cutting your own. Local and regional tree farms can be found online. Follow the care instructions exactly for the best results with any tree.

The sparkle of lights on a tree adds to the magic that will be your holiday centerpiece. Skimping on these is a mistake you should not make. Interesting effects for specialty tree decoration can be achieved using white, red or blue bulbs.


Christmas Door Decor

Christmas Door Decor

Christmas Door Decor – The Christmas season is a fun having season and the door is the first thing that people see when they visit your home; therefore, you should decorate it appropriately. Christmas door decor is very important. If you are stuck on how to decorate your door for Christmas, here are tips on how to go about it…

Choose simple design

You don’t have to go for complex designs for your door to be beautiful. A pretty wreath is enough to give the door a great look. When shopping, you should go for a wreath with ornaments on it, or flowers that are associated with the holiday season. Great flowers to go with during this season are: rhododendron and poinsettia.

Decorating With Bathroom Mirrors

Decorating With Bathroom Mirrors

Decorating With Bathroom Mirrors – Mirrors can compliment any bathroom decor. From enhancing dull areas to flaunting bold spaces, mirrors can entirely revolutionize the ambiance of the bathroom. A well-thought out addition of mirrors will improve the atmosphere of the bathroom and create an enjoyable space.

Bathroom mirrors are available in a variety of styles. Styles include traditional, contemporary, Victorian, etc. Mirrors can add softness to a room or create a flamboyant atmosphere. Today’s bathroom mirrors are available in an assortment of wood textures and qualities. Various shapes, including arched, square, round, and oval, are available (a round ones are specially trendy at the moment). The atmosphere desired and the theme already in place should delegate the style and shape of the mirrors chosen.

Antique Secretary Desks And Writing Desks

Antique Secretary Desks And Writing Desks

Antique secretary desks and writing desks have their origin in the 17th century as small traveling desks. After that they started appearing in various sizes and styles. In 1750, British furniture designer Thomas Chippendale designed some remarkable secretary desks that reflected the influence of the Gothic style.

Victorian antique writing desks are very popular and among the most sought-after of antique writing desks especially if signed by the maker. Antique writing desks and antique secretary desks are a popular choice among writers for the convenience they afford and the visual appeal. Roll top desks were popular in the 19th century due to the privacy they afforded and the fact that the top could be locked.