15 Home Decoration Ideas

Your home is your humble abode, and you love decorating it, sprucing it up, and make it look attractive than ever. You love doing everything that creates a special feel for your personal space and brings you the comfort that you look for after a day’s hard work. Continue Reading

Solid Fuel Stoves For Modern Homes

Solid Fuel Stoves For Modern Homes – Once an essential feature of nearly every home, business and institution, wood burning stoves and their coal burning counterparts are making a comeback as designers incorporate them into modern retro-style homes or renovated period houses. Woodburning stoves are very efficient space heaters that have been a popular and sometimes only means of heating, especially in the country areas of Europe and the pioneer lands of America. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

Conservatories are beautiful additions to any home. While many associate conservatories with out-dated, draughty rooms that passed their sell by date in the 70s, there are many ways modern homes can make use of conservatories. Today, we’ll explore five popular ways people are using their conservatories, and how you can make the most of the extra space. Continue Reading