6 Lighting Design Tips for the Bedroom

Most people put plenty of time and thought into choosing lighting for their dining and living rooms.But what about the bedroom? It’s the first and last place people see each day. The lighting in the bedroom too must facilitate a diverse array of functions. Getting the lighting in the bedroom right is a crucial part of a routine, from curling up with a good book before bed to choosingan outfit for work.

Are you starting to think that your bedroom could use a revamp in the lighting department? Consider these six lighting design tips ideal for getting the most functionality out of this important living space.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Throwing a bedside light on the nightstand won’t cut it, nor will installing one ceiling fixture and expecting it to do the heavy lifting of lighting your bedroom. Consider an overhead fixture like a ceiling fan, plus lamps throughout the rest of the room to supply much-needed accent and task lighting. Building layers with different types and degrees of lighting will help to diffuse plenty of illumination throughout the room. As Better Homes and Gardens advises, you can search within families of lighting to figure out the ins and outs of mixing and matching different fixtures.

Avoid Direct Glare

When you do choose an overhead fixture, don’t hang it right above your bed. Like a moth drawn to a flame, you’ll likely end up staring up at it when you’re lying in bed. Harsh, squint-inducing lighting is not what you want in a peaceful room, as Elle Décor points out. Try to illuminate your bed area with soft lighting from the side, and affix ceiling lights a comfortable distance from the bed.


Enhance Your Style

Yes, lighting is mightily practical. But it’s also an excellent way to enhance your design scheme and add some artistry to the bedroom. Are you a chandelier enthusiast, or would sleek recessed lighting be more up your alley? Does your mid-century modern look need a statement-making lamp to complete it?Quality lighting will blend form, function, and fun into one great piece. 

Remember Task Lighting

A general glow creates nice ambience, but you’ll appreciate specific task lighting in the areas where you get work done. Do you like to read a chapter in bed before drifting off to sleep? Do you use your bedroom as a home office from time to time? Do you find yourself folding laundry in the same place each week? Task lighting (think wall sconces, floor lamps, spotlights, and pendants) will come in handy in these areas. 

Save Space with Sconces

Nightstands are a catchall for a variety of daily items: eyeglasses, cups of water, phones, tablets, books, and much more. If you’re already jostling for space on this small surface, adding a lamp may not be a good choice. Consider a space-conserving wall sconce to cast the right degree of bedside lighting, and to perpetuate your chosen design scheme. Whether you opt for a contemporary or vintage look, you won’t have to struggle for space on your bedside table.

Getting Dressed in the Dark?

Nothing is more frustrating than rummaging around in dim lighting. If you can’t tell the difference between colors on your clothes when you’re getting dressed in the morning, it’s time to rethink wardrobe and closet lighting. The Telegraph advises homeowners to consider fixtures that support LED lighting due to its energy efficiency and pleasant brightness that will permeate all the corners of your clothing storage.

Bedroom lighting far from an afterthought; it’s as much about making this room usable as it is bringing it up to your aesthetic standards. Incorporate a variety of fixtures in sophisticated layers and you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully lit, extremely practical space for resting.

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  1. We certainly agree with your information about the non glare effort in the bedroom, and not have the ceiling fan/light where there would be glare. You want to be able to see in the bedroom when needed; but soft lighting is welcomed. This is something we also suggest at Unique In-Home Designs.

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