A Pool Table In Your Home

Pool tables aren’t for only smoky bars or pool halls. A pool table is a great investment of fun for the entire family of any age and a great skill to learn by children for future generations to come. Pool tables come in so many shapes, styles, sizes and some of them are a work of art.

A classic touch to any home is a pool table. Your friends will be excited about your purchase and will gladly come over to break it in. They can be chic in any space and add style to any room, even if it surrounded by dogs playing poker. But, where are you going put that big boy? Places you can house a pool table in your home are: a living room, an attic, a garage, a sunroom or a basement.

The French are said to have started the popular game of pool. The word bille means billiard in French. It is said that pool became the indoor alternative for croquet nearly 200 years ago. There are also roots from China and even Aztec cultures in the modern day pool game.


Pottery Barn pool table, $5,999 – $6,499

The game of pool is ever popular today with leagues all over America. It is also played internationally and enjoyed on television in tournaments and even have their own celebrity status for the best players. It’s a legacy game where older generations teach newer ones the ever popular game.

Deciding to purchase a pool table means making decisions on several factors. First of all is the price you wish to spend as prices vary. If you are limited on cash you can find a factory made table in many varieties. If you able to make a larger investment you can have your table custom made and have carte blanche with your creativity.


Pool table in the living room, Villa Kinara, Bali

What remains the same with most tables is their green cover. When stretched over the table the processed fabric of a table is a great surface to slide a ball across. And its green color is most pleasing to the eye for the longest period of time for hours of play. The grassy green color also bears its roots with the game of croquet.

Measure the area you are going to place your pool table. They are hard to move and will most likely be a permanent fixture in your home. This explains why home owners offer them to a new owner when selling their home. The size of the room you place the table in should be big enough to allow room to play and watch the game being played. Don’t be lazy and guess, break out the tape measure.


Pool table in the basement (game room)

Whether you are a billiard addict, or simply an enthusiast, these transparent pool tables from Nottage Design will certainly make an impression on you. With a highly elegant appearance and a transparent glass top, these billiard table are sure to increase the suspense of any game.


Transparent pool tables from Nottage Design

Remember to do your research before you buy. Pool tables are very heavy and almost impossible to move without great cost. If you are a renter check with the owners and confirm the weight of the table is not too much for the flooring.

Have a great time investing in your new pool table. But remember, pool table in your home is heavy and hard to move so measure your space and research what table is best for you. Invite friends over to break it in or have your own open house pool party to welcome your new investment.



A hidden pool table by Fusiontable, £4,500


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