Arketipo Furniture

Arketipo is world famous for modern Italian furniture due to its luxury and highest quality design and products. With its showroom and factory outlet in Florence, the company retains the traditions for the production of high-quality craftsmanship developed for decades.

Arketipo with their designers (Adriano Piazzesi, Mauro Lipparini, Carlo Bimbi, Francesco Rota, Bartoli Design, Giuseppe Viganò, Manzoni e Tapinassi…) is well known for its innovative technologies and a variety of furniture materials, which helps the team have what it takes to gain a world’s class reputation for originality and super modern styling characterized by clean lines, harmonious proportions, and above all, ergonomically comfort.



Arketipo Windsor Dream Bed – The refined materials, particularly the handmade finishing and the capitonnè upholstery are emblematic of austere and sought after British elegance. The light motif, created by the typical buttons sunk into the upholstery forming rhombus patterns, cover the entire structure, including the headboard. Hence the Windsor Dream bed can even be placed in the centre of the room The velvet version is pure luxury while the leather version is sophisticated richness; £6,336.75, Chaplins The Online Store


Seating system with mechanisms which allow the modification of the depth of the seating area: this is the original feature of this sofa system, an innovative invention which offers a superior degree of comfort and enables the entire sofa concept to be experienced in an extremely personal manner. The mechanism, easy to be used, permits two different seat depths: 75 cm for a traditional use and a more upright posture, and 120 cm to obtain a chaise-longue. The sofa can be also supplied with a split independently-adjustable back, which permits two different seat depths at the same time. Another mechanism permits the adjustment of the back from horizontal to vertical, through a number of middle positions.


Ego corner couch – Soft and oversized seat, back and armrests, combine with carved geometric lines to create a seating system with personality and maximum comfort; structure in metal and multilayered wood padded with non-deformable polyurethane of varied densities; $19,575.00


Arketipo Armonia Table Set of 3 tables, top in dark drown stained ash. Set of overlapping service tables matching the upholstery items, to create new and pleasant living solutions. £2,067.00


Small Table Flex – The torsion of the vertical elements, brought out by the chromed metal and transparent glass, is in perfect Nendo design style, Japanese designers that tend to destabilize shapes to create new icons, almost a sculpture to embellish your house.


Kono Lounge Chair – The harmony of curved lines designs a cozy and comfortable armchair. The swivel base is varnished in aluminium color and the frame padding in cold expanded polyurethane. On request, stitching and zips can be done in a contrast color.

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