Bathroom Design: Bathtubs With Additional Drawers

A good bathroom design is where the bathroom has a nice furniture. One of them is to add the bathtubs with additional drawers. Bathtub with a drawer has an advantage in putting the product you need when you shower. Royo Group is a Spanish company that has 35 years in the manufacture of bathroom furniture.

Evolution Keops tub series featuring functional drawers and small shelves that can accommodate your beauty products near you while you enjoy a relaxing bath and well-deserved. Finish the bath is available in white acrylic and walnut and the furniture can be chosen to be white or black. You can choose from four different sets: Important, Serenity, Energy and Dynamic.

Bathtubs with drawers have a clear advantage in confined spaces. Even when the bathroom is large, the drawers are useful for swimming related products you need to keep close while taking a hot bath and bubbly. The Royo Group’s Keops Evolution bathtub series is not seen everything, but are very luxurious, and every one of them – completely different from all earlier ones.





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