Batik Fabrics In Home Decorating

Batik Fabrics In Home Decorating – Batik is a resist method of decorating fabric in which certain areas of the fabric are covered with liquid wax before it is immersed in dye. The waxed areas resist the dye; when the wax is removed the design is revealed. This procedure can be repeated many times to achieve the desired effect. In the dyeing process, a random crackle pattern emerges where the dye penetrates the cracks in the wax, giving the batik its distinctive character.

Although batik fabrics were probably first developed in China and India, Indonesia, particularly the island of Java, is most famous for this fabrics.


Batik upholstered chairs

Javanese women make batiks either individually or collectively in small workshops, producing designs in traditional colors (indigo blue and shades of brown) as well as modern designs in a wide range of colors. Of course, printed textile designs are painted on paper to imitate the batik look, which is then simulated by screens prepared for the printing process.

Batik motifs are usually exotic florals and ethnics such as Asian and African, and layouts can be all-overs, stripes, and borders of all kinds. Batik patterns range in size, to accommodate both apparel and home furnishing.

You can use batik fabrics as curtains and tablecloth to present ethnic look in your home decoration. When used for curtain, it will make your room look cleaner, fresher, and sweet. The batik with random motif looks more modern and awesome. Using batik for your tablecloth can modify your room and make it warmer, full color and enjoyable, particularly when you frequently entertain guests in your house.

Besides curtain and tablecloth, you can use batik fabrics for home accessories and decorative items, including cushions, bedding, or even a big painting on your wall to highlight ethnic look in the room.


Batik tablecloth in high-contrast blue and white, Bliss Home and Design


Batik with African motifs


Cushion covers from batic fabrics



Indonesian batik


Javanese batik – Sido Mukti batik pattern is used in wedding ceremonies


Home accessories made by Javanese batik

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