Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Shabby, ragged, tattered, grungysince the bohemian lifestyle and fashion became the rage in the 80s and 90s, these words are no longer confined to the concept of unattractive. Using vintage, used or somewhat threadbare items in decorating your home is going the bohemian way.

Bohemian home style became popular in the 80s and 90s. It has an eclectic quality that many artists can relate to. Bohemian home design embraces vintage. If you go to flea markets and garage sales, you’ll discover that these are bohemian havens and department stores and boutiques are in outer space. The look is somewhat messy but in a fashionable way.


1. Use lots of rich color. Ladies and gentlemen, there ain’t no such thing as a monochrome bohemian sanctuary. Bohemian home décor is all about the colors of the world, so use as much as you possibly can – and focus on rich hues like deep purples and saturated golden yellows.
2. Mix it up. By this we mean ‘everything’. To really achieve that eclectic bohemian feel, mix different textures and prints along with your mix of colors. If you think it’s “too much,” that probably means you’ve gotten it just right.
3. Hang things everywhere. Caravans are pretty small by nature, so it’s necessary to utilize every ounce of space there is – including the ceiling. You can achieve this look by hanging tapestries, jewels, pieces of fabric – anything, really!
4. Be one with nature. The bohemian lifestyle is all about spending days wandering all over Mother Earth, so it only makes sense that you’d bring some of nature’s gifts back to your abode! Fill your space with big, green plants to add the final touches to your bohemian dream home.


5. Wall paint. Applying a bohemian theme opens chances for you to use as many artworks and decorations as you wish, no matter how queer they may seem. It’s best to use a light or neutral color for the walls so you can be as bold in hanging artworks. This way, there is less risk of clashing unwanted colors. Adding colors, especially brighter ones is easy. You can incorporate vivid shades in accessories and even in trims and baseboards on the walls.

6. Flooring. You will rarely see a bohemian or shabby chic-designed home in floor tiles or marble. Most of the time, there is hardwood flooring. This floor also goes well with antique furnishings or used items. At the same time, hardwood has this homely feel. Decorating the hardwood flooring with area rugs is a great way to spice up the bohemian look. Area rugs do not only give more color to the room, rugs also provide more eye-candies. An area rug can be paired with a furniture, placed near an artwork or decorated as it is, a stand alone decor to highlight an area.









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