How To Make ‘Antique Lighting’ In Your Living Room

How To Make ‘Antique Lighting’ In Your Living Room –  Nowdays, we try to implement some sort of uniqueness while decorating and designing our sweet home. When we return home, we want a serene atmosphere waiting for us in which we can relax and enjoy fun and quality time with our family. Obviously to make it more efficient time, we pay good attention to the home decor and when it comes to home decor, the lighting arrangement plays a very crucial role. No decoration looks good without an apt light effect. Continue Reading

Fireplace Mantels Improve Your Interior Design

Fireplace Mantels Improve Your Interior Design – Fireplace mantels can make or break the interior design of a room whether you use your fireplace or not. Because a fireplace takes up a large section of a wall or dominate a corner, they naturally draw the eye when you first walk into a room. Go for the “cool” factor by incorporating a great design or material in your fireplace mantel.

Most people perceive fireplace mantels as those shelves that extend out beyond the firebox. However, a mantel can encompass not only an ornamental framing around the firebox, but also the facing which makes up the outside of the fireplace “wall”. If your fireplace has a mantel shelf, the panel or area above it can also be construed as part of the mantel as well. Continue Reading

How To Hang Pictures Properly?

How To Hang Pictures Properly? – Hold and carry pictures at the shortest sides, supporting them underneath the  bottom of the frame to support the weight. Keep them upright. Do not try to lift  a heavy picture by the top of the frame because it is very likely to break. Heavy paintings should be lifted by more than person, and if you are carrying a large  picture from one room to another, check the height of door frames beforehand. With unglazed pictures, take care not to touch the painted surface. 

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How To Create A Cozy Christmas Sitting Room

How To Create A Cozy Christmas Sitting Room – Whether you choose to simply lash a fresh layer of paint, invest in a new sofa and chairs, or splash out on flooring and fittings, here’s our guide to achieving the perfect Christmas sitting room.

Changing color. A simple coat of paint can transform a space, changing both atmosphere and sense of dimensions.

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