Make The Most Of A Small Living Space

Make the most of a small living space – Small living spaces can be big on style. You just need to know how to implement some tricks of the trade to give it that look of grandeur.

Older homes can be loaded with detail and charm, but many tend to be quite compartmentalized – with one small room after another. Creating that extra space doesn’t have to be that costly if you creatively repurpose and reconfigure some of those existing rooms to gain that extra square footage where you really need it.

Here are some great tips for living large in a small space:

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Give A New Look To Your Old Bathroom

Give A New Look To Your Old Bathroom – With paint, primer, sand paper, a few common hand tools and time you can give that old bathroom a new fresh look.

First, remove curtains, items on top of the vanity, shower curtains and rod, and any other loose items as well as any outlet or switch plates, and soap or tooth brush holders attached on the walls. Use painter tape to tape over any outlets and switches to keep them clean and paint free.

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The Hidden Risks Around Your Home

The Hidden Risks Around Your Home – Having a place to call your own is something that almost everybody strives for today. However, if you aren’t careful, your home can be a dangerous place filled with deadly risks if you aren’t careful. In this article I’ll go over just a few of them.

One of the biggest hidden risks is how having proper fire alarms. The main cause of death due to fire is not the fire itself, but smoke inhalation. Without proper smoke detectors, you may not wake up in time. These are incredibly cheap and simple to install, so there is absolutely no reason why you should have several of these installed in your house. If you don’t, this should be your number on priority.

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Small Room Decorating Tips

Small room decorating tips – Small rooms have their challenges for decorating, as you need to make your small room liveable and comfortable, but without being claustrophobic.

Let’s begin with color. Dark colors make a room appear smaller. In clothing, it’s well known that black and dark colors are very slimming. These colors will also “slim” your room and make it appear smaller. Avoid dark colors in large amounts in a small room, especially on the walls or (even worse) the ceiling, as this will turn your little room into something resembling a dungeon or cave. Darker colors are all right in smaller amounts and low down (e.g. carpets). But keep to lighter colors as the basis for your small room decorating palette.

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