Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas – Shabby chic style will turn your living room into a comfortable space with the romance of things that are old or vintage pieces that have a purpose. A shabby chic living room is perfect if you’ll like to show off your favorite accessories and antiques. And best of all it is possible to create your own shabby chic living room decor using items in your home and paints.

How to paint shabby chic furniture?

When painting shabby chic furniture home decorators get an inner sense of pride and save cash because the decorator creates the finished product.With style of painting each piece of furniture is created as the decorator desires. Shabby chic decorating is a cozy, stylish and relaxing look and a perfect way to preserve vintage items.

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Open Floor Plan Living Area: Designing Ideas

Open Floor Plan Living Area: Designing Ideas – Designing an open floor plan living area can be a great way to make your living areas seem more spacious. Without walls to visually divide the space, the entire area will seem larger. Even when the square footage is exactly the same, most people will perceive a room with an open floor plan to be larger than a divided space. Depending on the current layout of your living area, transitioning to an open floor plan can sometimes require major construction or wall removal. In both of these cases, it is best to consult with a building expert to avoid potential problems. However, there are also a number of decorating tricks you can use to create the illusion of an open plan living area. If you’d like to give your living area a more spacious look, here are some tips you can use as inspiration. Continue Reading

Romantic Beach Cottages For Couples

Romantic Beach Cottages For Couples – From time to time, you and your partner might want to think about taking a nice time with one another in order to celebrate your love. As you are planning your romantic getaway, you should spend some time looking into beach cottages. Beach cottage décor is a very loosely defined style of cottage furniture styling. Generally, the beach cottage basics are furniture made of distressed woods or wicker, that have a soft look and add to a care free, relaxed theme. But once you have the main pieces in the room, how do you really make the place sing? It’s the finishing touches that are going to turn a house into a home.   Continue Reading

Decorate Home In Mediterranean Style

Decorate Home In Mediterranean Style – The main feature of Mediterranean style is finding the perfect balance between the interior and the natural environment, which in itself makes it unique. Mediterranean style must display the sun, sea, citrus and Mediterranean herbs. In essence, it is simple, easy and functional.
All materials must be natural. A dominant are stone and pine wood (both materials ideal crudely made). This is especially good choice for the floors, which can be alternatively covered with tiles and terracotta. If you opt for wooden floors, do not put the classic parquet, but rougher major planks of wood that can be varnished or painted thinner or thicker in spreading white. This style is great for the use of untreated marble, especially for interior stairs.

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