Orange Furniture And Home Decor

Orange Furniture And Home Decor – Orange is a wonderfully funky zesty color for interiors, full of energy, life and bounce. Some people tend to be nervous about decorating with orange, however, if you follow our tips, you’ll be well on the way for a successful orange home decor, whether you are decorating a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Orange is a wonderfully bright and sunny color and will brighten up any interior, the trick is knowing just how to use it to the correct extent. This year, orange in all its shades is now popping up all over our interior. Continue Reading

The Correlation Between Colors And Daylight In The Living Room

The Correlation Between Colors And Daylight In The Living Room – The living room style and color choices are inevitably dictated by size, use and environment and this particularly relevant when hot colors in living room are introduced. The first consideration is the living room setting, that is which direction it faces, how much light it gets, and how the light comes into the room at different times throughout the day. The dull grey light of northern hemisphere affects color, and the way it works with other colors, plus the atmosphere it creates. Continue Reading

Home Decor Inspired Of Mother Nature

Home Decor Inspired Of Mother Nature – Making the decision to repaint your home is often easy in comparison to deciding what colors to use in each room. Instead of starting your search inside the paint store, try stepping outside and let Mother Nature be your guide and inspiration for your following home decor.

A walk in the woods

If your ideal way to pass a Sunday afternoon is a long walk in the park, greens and shades of brown – another relaxing colors – may be the colors that’s right for you. Continue Reading

Upcoming Spring In Green Tones

Upcoming Spring In Green Tones – Spring is an ideal time to consider green, not least because it is reflected in every budding flower and blade of grass, but there’s also the thought that a green room will bring luck—decidedly the case for a few shamrock shades. Green color symbolize nature, ecology, health and known to be calming and relaxing which will create a healing force. The use of shades of green is a response to the ‘nature deficit’ to replenish, nourish and energize our minds. Continue Reading