The Use Of Mood Boards In Interior Design

The Use Of Mood Boards In Interior Design – When it comes to redecorating, in today’s market the choice of products, finishes and colors can become overwhelming. Unless you have a clear idea of what kind of look and color scheme you wish to create it can become difficult to know where to start. The compilation of mood boards in interior design can be a valuable tool in assisting in this decision making process for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, mood boards are a cost effective way of playing around with different ideas and color schemes. They are basically a mini version of the proposed decor scheme allowing us to see what combinations work best or what our individual preferences are.

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Tuscan Style Of Your Home

Tuscan Style Of Your Home – Tuscan style is a lovely theme to use when decorating your home. Selecting earth tones and touchable textures will give you a foundation. Adding rustic, natural and sturdy looking furnishings and accessories will supply the finishing touch.

The term ‘Tuscan’ comes from the large central region of Italy, Tuscany, whose capital is Florence. Its 8,900 sq. mi. is known for beautiful landscapes, artistry, and culture. It is regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This coastal region of Italy has become the premium place to look for style in its wonderful colors and textures. If you want to bring a touch of this countryside into your home, you do not have to travel all the way to Italy. Just try following these simple guidelines for Tuscan style of your home:

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Elements Of A Visually Inviting Home

Elements Of A Visually Inviting Home – The color of your home can say a lot about you. Possibly even more than that, how your home fits into its surrounding can speak volumes to pedestrians and visitors. Taking a look at some color combos that work great for many homes will give you an idea of what might be the best for yours. Whether you are looking for a fresh new look or just wanting to update a bit, selecting an inviting color palette is crucial for making your home look its best.

Clean and crisp. Using a color palette with a crisp white base is an excellent way to give off the clean and fresh feel. Accent colors for the white home can really be anything, but if you are going for the clean and crisp look, gray and cream colors are going to be right up your alley.

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Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home?

Home Renovation: How To Provide More Space In The Home? Sometimes when you come home, you realize how cramped and tight your home is and it makes you wish you had more space available. You are not alone as a lot of people are having this same issue. But, if you come to think about it, is it really the size of your home that’s causing that slight claustrophobic feeling or is there something wrong with the design?

The real cause for the lack of space is not the lack of it, but the arrangement of your furniture and how the interior of the home is designed. Here are some simple home renovation tips to help you maximize space.

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