Music Themed Bedroom For Your Teenagers

Music Themed Bedroom For Your Kids – If your teenage son is a music lover, there are ways to let him enjoy being in his bedroom, by giving him a room that reflects his musical preferences. Below are a few tips on how to get him singing all night long – but in his sleep so that no one else is disturbed.

You can buy music themed stencils and trace them out along the walls to create a border of musical wallpaper. These may have shapes of music notes such as treble or G clefs. If the wall is light colored, fill in the trace lines with black interior wall paint to allow the stenciled images to pop. Instead of music notes, you could also opt for piano keys as your motif. Continue Reading

Turn Your Bedroom Into An Intimate Haven

Turn Your Bedroom Into An Intimate Haven – Your bedroom should be one of the most relaxing places in your home. If your bedroom feels disordered, you may not sleep well. Experts suggest mess or reminders of work in your sleeping space will interfere with getting a good night of sleep. These things keep your mind moving, and you may be worried about what you forgot to do, or what you will have to do the next day. You have to design your sleeping space for peace and relaxation. Bedroom decorating ideas are abundant, and your biggest problems might not be finding ideas, it might be narrowing down what you want from a list of things you like.

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Romantic Winter Bedroom Design

Romantic Winter Bedroom Design – With cold weather fast approaching it is time to pull out the flannel sheets and replace your beautiful duvet with a down comforter. Along with the gray skies, these items can make a master bedroom seem drab and dreary and not very conducive to romance. But winter can also be a romantic time. Here are a few suggestions to turn your cold winter bedroom into a cozy and romantic retreat.

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Coastal Inspired Bedroom Ideas

Coastal Inspired Bedroom Ideas – The coastal areas are rich and varied, with colors like blue, green, creme, grey and even yellow and orange, as well as textures like sand, sea grass, reeds and driftwood. There is such a wide variety of elements, colors and textures available to re-imagine and infuse into the home and try to use the power of suggestion when designing a coastal home, rather than a literal or ‘kitschy’ interpretation.

Coastal inspired spaces are light and airy and evoke an effortless, care-free feeling whether casual or formal, so we want to keep the eye moving in the space by allowing it to travel freely around the room.

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