Coastal Inspired Bedroom Ideas

Coastal Inspired Bedroom Ideas – The coastal areas are rich and varied, with colors like blue, green, creme, grey and even yellow and orange, as well as textures like sand, sea grass, reeds and driftwood. There is such a wide variety of elements, colors and textures available to re-imagine and infuse into the home and try to use the power of suggestion when designing a coastal home, rather than a literal or ‘kitschy’ interpretation.

Coastal inspired spaces are light and airy and evoke an effortless, care-free feeling whether casual or formal, so we want to keep the eye moving in the space by allowing it to travel freely around the room.

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Add Your Personality To The Bedroom Design

Add Your Personality To The Bedroom Design – The bedroom is the most personal part of your home. It is where we find retreat when we get home. It is also our hiding place when we want to escape the world. That is why we value what we put in it.

The bedroom is extra special because we can claim it as ours. We have the freedom to decorate it the way we want. Speaking of decorating, it is tough to dress the bedroom our way because we do not have the expertise. Styling the bedroom by ourselves can present different obstacles.

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Garden Themed Teen’s Bedroom

Garden Themed Teen’s Bedroom – Maybe it is time to select a new theme for your teen daughter. Have you considered using a garden theme? Such a theme is ideal for daughters who have grown out of ‘girly’ themes, but are not yet ready for themes that are more mature. A garden theme is light enough for teens. Here are some tips for creating a garden themed bedroom for your teen daughter:

1. Focus on flowers to create a country cottage theme

The key to a country cottage theme is flowers. Use wallpaper borders with flowers or outdoor cutouts on the walls.

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Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary bedroom ideas – How to create a beautiful and contemporary looking bedroom? Here are few advices how to design a contemporary bedroom.
1. Simplicity from top to the bottom

This bedroom has a good lightning with big windows from ceiling to the floor. A good lightning is one of the major characteristics of modern design. Simple sheets with cushions in various designs and sizes, make the space tranquil and pleasant. An elegant dividing panel in neutral colors can separate bed from the rest of the room.

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