Vintage Signs As Unique Home Decor

Vintage Signs As Unique Home Decor – Vintage signs are really unique. Those vintage signs from 1890 to 1950 have a certain original look that has never been duplicated. They include the Route 66 road sign, Campbell’s soup label, Coca Cola or hotel signs for Shower Shave and a Bed for 5 cents. They are really unique and can almost be a conversation piece!

Vintage signs weren’t vintage when they first came out. In those days, they were modern. Cowboys passing through town would appreciate knowing that a beer was 2 cents.

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Home Uses Of Wicker Baskets

Home Uses Of Wicker Baskets – A wicker basket makes an excellent decorative addition to your home or cottage. Not just for ‘looks’ either, these baskets have many practical uses as well. No home is complete without the unique blend of practicality and charm that can only be offered by wicker baskets.

Wicker baskets have history! Going back to thousands of years BC, these baskets were woven from pliable and fibrous plant materials such as oak, ash, willow, cane and reed. Typically either a solid or reed woven base was laid down first, then, the vertical staves were added as a support frame.

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Exterior And Interior Building Decorations: Columns, Millwork & Corbels

Exterior And Interior Building Decorations: Columns, Millwork & Corbels – Whether you use columns as an aesthetic design element or give it a supporting role –  your home will be greatly enhanced by fitting columns into your architectural plans. Since ancient times columns have graced private homes as both decorative and structural-supporting a wall or roof.

Although the classical designs of ancient Greek and Roman columns are as popular today as ever, don’t feel bound to build the expected, since manufacturers of pre-made interior and exterior columns offer homeowners many different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. In addition to a plethora of off-the-shelf designs, you can have your columns custom made.

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Decorate Your Home With Figurines

Decorate Your Home With Figurines – When it comes to the overall look and feel of your interior and exterior rooms, the little details do matter. Add a figurine here and there and watch the transformation.

Figurines come in all shapes and sizes and tell many different stories. African Americans use them to display their heritage. Whimsical figurines are used to add humor and lightheartedness to our lives. Patriotic figurines remind us of our American pride and display a sense of loyalty to our country.

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