Designing Your Home With an Oriental Rug

“Oriental rug” is likely a term you’ve heard quite frequently. Sometimes it’s the moniker for a Persian rug; sometimes it’s utilized to label specific styles of Oriental rugs; sometimes it’s the title equipped to any exotic looking carpet. Regardless of its usage, an Oriental rug is many things just like its flexible moniker. Continue Reading

Festive Christmas Decorations For Your Home

Festive Christmas Decorations For Your Home – Christmas time is an exciting moment for every family. Christmas is one of the happiest occasions that we wait for each year and we would love to get everything well prepared for this special day. In view of that, the Christmas decorations are inevitable to make the Christmas more amazing. If you haven’t decided which kinds of Christmas decoration should be chosen for Christmas in 2016, don’t worry. There are some Christmas decoration ideas that you’ll love.

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How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One

How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One – Is your room already look boring and lifeless whenever you enter and look around it? Then it is probably time to make some changes into your room. Decorating is easy to do when you just know what and how to do it. To help you out on your dilemma, we listed below some tips you can do to transform any boring room into a cool and chic one without breaking the bank.

1. Have a statement wall

Choose a wall in the room that you wanted to stand out. Paint it with a stunning color that will make it pop.

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Country Home Decorating With Gingham Pattern

Country Home Decorating With Gingham Pattern – Country home decorating is a very popular design choice. Country home decorating is a style that conveys welcome and warmth. It also adds a touch of whimsy and thoughts of simpler times. These things help create a relaxing environment for family and friends to enjoy.

Characterized by repeating squares (usually one that’s colored, one that’s white, and one that’s a blend of them both) gingham has become synonymous with a summery, country look when used in home decor. Gingham fabric just works well  with many home decorating styles, and adds a little country home decor to any style. Across long stretches of walls, a complete set of dining chairs or small accents.

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