Home Lighting Design: Moroccan Pendants

Different people have different customs and traditions and they resist in time, being valued by those who inherited them through generations. It is easy to recognize a Chinese painted vase Ming period style or maybe and African mask. But it is better to keep your people’s traditions and also try to “borrow” those foreign traditions that you like best. Look these beautifully handcrafted Moroccan pendants – you could arrange a room in Arab style just to admire them every day or, even better, try to match them with simple black furniture that matches them perfectly.

These pendants are very special because they are carefully hand crafted in iron, but having a bronze finish and they are pierced in two different patterns.

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Living Room Lighting

Lights are essential fixtures in the living room. Save from the furniture, it sets the ambiance of the room. It also contributes to the camaraderie of the family as they come together and watch their favorite movie, TV show or play table games. Therefore, mounting lights in the room must be given careful attention.

When choosing lights for your living room, you need not go for the expensive ones not unless your budget allows it. You can mix two types and alternate its use. Lights can alter the ambiance of your room. It is cheaper than buying a whole set of furniture.

You also must remember that the living room needs adequate illumination to make any activity pleasurable. The manner you set or install your chosen lighting fixtures will complete the effect you wanted for this room.

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