Designing Your Home With an Oriental Rug

“Oriental rug” is likely a term you’ve heard quite frequently. Sometimes it’s the moniker for a Persian rug; sometimes it’s utilized to label specific styles of Oriental rugs; sometimes it’s the title equipped to any exotic looking carpet. Regardless of its usage, an Oriental rug is many things just like its flexible moniker. Continue Reading

Double Sink Vanity Designs

Double Sink Vanity Designs – Having the double sink options allows both of you to use the space at the same time when in a hurry or simply gives you an opportunity to discuss your plans for the day as you are preparing for the day ahead. You also have added storage for those items that tend to clutter up valuable counter space below as well as more space to spread these items out along the vanity as well. We highly recommend keeping as much as possible out of sight however as this is not visually distracting.

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Writing Desks In Interior Design

Writing Desks In Interior Design – Writing desks have been a center of decor in the home for many many years. Both decorative and functional, writing desks are some of the more versatile furnishings and an ideal enhancement to the home decor and living room furniture. Quality contemporary writing desks, however, are also functional but tend to be more artistic than their predecessors. Special glass, marble, and even complex materials are fairly familiar on the writing desk tops of high quality modern writing desks. These specialized building materials are sturdy, very versatile, and modern. Standard building materials used to construct the legs and bases of contemporary writing desks are aluminum, chrome, and copper. Great for everything your friends or family might use it for.

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The Egg Chair: Then & Now

The egg chair is one of the latest trends in modern home design. Many people are raving about the comfort and style this chair provides. Needless to say, these chairs are one of the fastest growing trends in furniture home design.

Today’s egg chairs are redesigns and modern adaptations of the original “Egg,” which was the brainchild of Arne Jacobsen for a Copenhagen hotel in 1958. In the past, due to the limited number manufactured these styles definitely denoted exclusivity.

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