Dollhouse Design

Dollhouse Design – The dollhouse has become an item of interest in the lives of adults as well as children. It is, and has always been a fun activity for girls and is great for stimulating their imaginations. A child building or playing with a dollhouse is, of course, involved in a more mentally stimulating and powerful activity than simply sitting down playing a computer game or watching television.

If you are just becoming involved with dollhouse design, it is necessary to keep in mind that they can be customized or personalized to meet your specific preferences. Some interesting dollhouse designs can evolve if you let your imagination run wild and plan and design everything in the way you want them to be.

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Home Ornaments Are Decorating Trend 2014

Home ornaments are decorating trend in 2014. More and more people like to buy home ornaments to decorate their home by themselves. Let’s check the following home ornaments that will inspire you in home decorating this year.

1. Natural Moisturizing Humidifier – In summer, dry air may keep our body in a state of hydropenia, which is harmful to our skin and damages our health. Why not get a humidifier at home? There are many kinds of humidifiers for us to choose, and you can choose a grass paper. Its paper material, naturally evaporating without consuming a single watt of electricity and a high evaporation speed as 15 times as natural water makes it safe and eco-friendly to use!

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Entrance Lighting Ideas

Entrance Lighting Ideas – Good lighting at your front entrance gives a warm and secure welcome to any who enter. Mention outdoor lighting at this time of year and many people think of strings of lights. But why not go for a more elegant look that will continue to be appealing throughout the winter ahead?

First, decide what areas it is important for you to light. For your own late arrivals, that may be the front steps and the lock. You’ll want to be sure visitors can see the house number, which door they should approach, and perhaps the pathway leading to the steps.

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Batik Fabrics In Home Decorating

Batik Fabrics In Home Decorating – Batik is a resist method of decorating fabric in which certain areas of the fabric are covered with liquid wax before it is immersed in dye. The waxed areas resist the dye; when the wax is removed the design is revealed. This procedure can be repeated many times to achieve the desired effect. In the dyeing process, a random crackle pattern emerges where the dye penetrates the cracks in the wax, giving the batik its distinctive character.

Although batik fabrics were probably first developed in China and India, Indonesia, particularly the island of Java, is most famous for this fabrics.

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