How To Make A Flower Bouquet Last Longer?

How To Make A Flower Bouquet Last Longer? – Some flowers pose particular problems, shortening the life of the whole bouquet. If a flower bouquet contains some of the following flowers, it is best to dismantle and put the flowers in separate vases.

Daffodils. Do not mix daffodils with other flowers because they exude a slimy sap that contaminates the rest. Continue Reading

Window Garden

Window Garden – Window garden turns an ordinary window into a tiered arrangement of flowers and greenery. Shelves of glass or transparent plastic are fixed across the window opening at convenient heights, and the pots are arranged along each shelf. It is an excellent way to show off cacti and succulents, or beautiful flowering plants and other sun lovers.

Plants sparkle when they’re set in the showcase of your windows. Light makes the colors of bloom and foliage all the more glowing, and it is good for a plant’s growth. A window garden can be part of the architecture and interior design. It can also be assembled by placing plants on stands in front of a window or by installing a hanger such as that in the family room, where an old scale helps suspend a fern in front of a window.

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Plants For Small Living Spaces

Plants For Small Living Spaces – We all like living in a space where there is green and plants; some people become emotionally attached to their plants and they wish to have them with them whenever they can. House plants add life and character to any place and moreover, improve quality of air. The problem is that they can take up valuable space on the floors that is why you need to choose proper plants for small living spaces.

How can you reclaim space while still enjoying the green friends in your house? Simply, opt for indoor plants that can be mounted. Wall mounted indoor plants provide an excellent solution to hallways, small rooms, corridors and home offices or reception areas.

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Benefits Of Having An Indoor Plants

Benefits Of Having An Indoor Plants – Just like the trees and all the other plants, the indoor pot flowers can be very useful and good for us. Check out these benefits of having an indoor plants.

Breathing. As you know, people ingest oxygen while they breathe in, and they release carbon dioxide when they breathe out. Well, the indoor plants do the exact opposite thing – they release oxygen during their photosynthesis. Which means that they help increasing the levels of oxygen inside our homes, so it should be a lot easier for us to breathe.

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