Cayenne Color Interior Trend 2014

Cayenne color interior trend 2014 evokes a complex mix of warm and comforting tones: a coral base with a touch of peach and one of warm pinky-red. It recalls African sunsets, with all of their warmth and peace. This high-energy, reddish orange hue heightens the excitement in any room and adds instant happiness in your interior design. Bold and a bit exotic, it pairs well with shades of grey and teal and can make neutrals pop.

Cayenne color interior trend 2014 in any shade is going to be a huge hit. From bright red walls to pale red bedspreads, this color is going to be hot by January of 2014. Interior designers will infuse their spaces with Cayenne especially when mixed with neutrals or the other pastels in this spring’s crop of color.


Try using it in a bold patina curtain fabric like Xavier Salsa, or a modern cellular weave like Cella Sunrise. Eclipse Spice and Tropicana Watermelon are wonderful modern prints to help you incorporate this ardent color.

Cayenne color interior trend 2014 that can easily slip into an existing scheme. For example, imagine how inviting a few bright Cayenne cushions would look on a cool mint sofa.

Whichever you choose to decorate your home, you can start off small with accessories such as throw blankets, pillows, and rugs. Look at this bedroom top to bottom in gorgeous cayenne color and complemented it with fab flooring, and a rich, cherry wood bed set.

Incorporating cayenne color into an art piece is a more subtle way to introduce the color into your home.







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