Ceramic Lamps By Mamati

Ceramic Lamps By Mamati – Italian designer T. Menozzi has created lovely collection of ceramic lamps for Mamati. They all are handmade and with custom hand finishes.

Ms Menozzi has used a special technique (ceramic mixed to crystalline and enamel materials with application of color lacquers for a style definition), which makes his lamps so modern and beautiful. Lamps from the collection have different shapes and sizes, but all of them looks stylish and elegant. Ceramic lamps are available in different colors: white, beighe, green,light blue, wood painted, silver,gold,copper and more.

Sophisticated lines and gently make ceramic lamps by Mamati look modern and adaptable to all styles of interior. They easily will find their place in the bedroom, hallway or in the living room. With all that features, new Mamati’s lamps could enhance and enrich every area of your home. Adding a new style statement to your home decor, this ceramic lamp guarantees a warm ambiance and completely modern look of your living space.

Italian company Mamati also has a collection of vases, bowls, trays and art that compliment these lamps beautifully.




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