Charming Design Of Your Staircase

The staircase is a focal point in many homes. When you enter these homes, your eye is immediately drawn to the staircase. Although staircases serve a mostly functional purpose, there is no reason why your staircase can not add some charm and classy to your home decor too.

One way to make your staircase as charming as it is functional is by adding a custom newel post, also called a central pole, to your staircase. What kind of newel should you choose? It depends upon the style or your home as well as your home decor.

Some people choose a traditional central pole while others choose a style that would look good with a winding staircase. Of course, you should also keep in mind the layout of your house or apartment when choosing a newel post. Obviously, if you have a small floor plan, a winding staircase would not be a good idea. This means that you should probably choose a smaller newel.


Even if you have a small home, you can still add charm to your staircase. For example, you can use molding, ornamental knobs or even attractive caps to dress up the central pole at the top and bottom of your staircase. Hand-carved pieces can really add a lot of charm as well as attractiveness. In fact, such trends are gaining in popularity recently. Because of this, you should have no shortage of hand carved pieces to choose from to add decoration to your newel post.


If you are having trouble choosing your decorations, you may want to find a piece that fits in with the rest of the decor of your home. For example, if you have a cottage by the sea, you may want to use pieces carved like shells, marine animals, or even a ship’s bell. If you like to horseback ride, you may want decorations in the shape of a horse head or a horse shoe. Your imagination and your budget, are the only things that will limit your choices.


Another way to create an unique entryway to your home, is to use lighting. Lights fixed over the stairs or to the stair risers can add an attractive touch. You can even wind strings of lights around the handrail of the stairs for a particularly attractive look. If you want to try this, you may want to try light strings in just one color which matches the decor of your house.

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Of course, the color of the wood used to create the staircase is also important. Darker colored wood will hide dirt and give a more traditional or antique feel to the staircase. Lighter colored woods, such as walnut and pine, are more modern and contribute to a lighter, airy feeling in the home. However, these woods tend to be softer than other types of woods. Pine wood can easily be dented or chipped.

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Proper care of your wooden newel post is absolutely essential. Make sure to polish and dust the post with products made especially for wood. Follow the directions carefully in order to avoid damaging the wood or the staircase itself. If you do this, your wooden staircase and central pole will look attractive and add beauty to you home for years to come.

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