Christmas Decorating Themes

Christmas Decorating Themes – Give this year’s Christmas decorating themes to surprise and delight family and friends who may be a bit bored with traditional settings. After all, themes abound in home decorating, and the festival season deserves the same kind of attention. If there’s any consistent rule to Christmas decorating themes, it’s to use the theme that you and your family truly love. After all, decorating requires creativity, and why waste all that excellent mental energy on some prepackaged theme or some traditional motif that doesn’t expression your personality? Unless it’s truly fun to do, Christmas theme decorating will simply be one more holiday chore.

Christmas decorating theme

Instead, think about what you have at home already that you don’t get to show all the time. One example might be that collection of teddy bears that you keep in a bedroom cabinet. Dust off those lonely teddies, dress them all in bright red Christmas ribbons, and display on the mantle, coffee table or console table. With a centerpiece such as this, it’s then possible to find lots of other decorations to carry out the teddy bear theme, from tree decorations to area rugs with teddy bear prints.

Homeowners who do a lot of entertaining around the holidays love to play theme parties as well. A children’s party could feature brunch with Jolly Old St. Nick; parents could provide a small gift for Santa to give each child. Be sure to provide a comfy chair on a bright red rug or a fluffy natural flokati rug to give Santa a place for private conversation.

Christmas trees are an ideal way to carry out themes for the holiday. In fact, trees of all sizes can have a place in the holiday decorating scheme. Small trees decorated with white lights make perfect nightlights in guest bedrooms and children’s rooms. The decorations for these bedroom trees can reflect the occupants’ tastes. For many years, one family decorated its tree with red dinosaurs that their kid loved.

Even kitchens and dining rooms are ideal spots for Christmas trees with themes. A small countertop tree in a kitchen can be hung with doll-sized kitchen items or even small cookie cutters in holiday shapes. A dining room tree can sit on a buffet sporting gold and purple garlands and balls to give every meal an elegant air.

Truly, the ideas for holiday decorating themes are limited only by the decorators’ tastes and imaginations. Those who live in the Global North, where Christmas comes in wintertime, can make an entire home sparkle with themes of snowflakes or snow figures. These might be delicate snowflakes made of paper, or garlands of paper snowflakes, enhanced with white or silver balls on beds of white tissue. Snow figures can be made of white balls to stand on any flat surface, while ornaments shaped like snowmen and snow women can hang from a tree sprinkled with artificial snow.

For those who live where Christmas comes in summertime, frosty themes can give way to Santa Claus decorations, as well as angel figures or a very Contemporary look with lots of metallic garlands, bows and balls. Whatever the decorator’s favorite things, there’s bound to be a way to use them for a Christmas decorating theme.

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