Coastal Living With Beautiful Home Decor

Whether you live just steps away from breathtaking, pristine beaches along the coast, or a thousand miles away, you can bring the joys of coastal living to your home. The coastal home decor available today will provide you with a fun and cost effective way to experience the peace and serenity of seaside living right from the comforts of your own home.

Just imagine your own private escape from all the stresses of life. Our homes are supposed to make us feel safe, secure and at ease. By adding coastal decorations to the mix, you’ll feel the lazy days of summer go on and on. Just adding an eye catching ocean view painting here and there throughout your home can bring the effect alive.

Maybe a painting or two of colorful beach chairs carefully placed under a graceful palm tree. Perhaps build yourself a small, unique sand castle theme, complete with tiny seagulls to remind us of the birds we all love, bringing a charming mini version of coastal living to a table top. There are so many wonderful choices of coastal home decor, along with a world of paint choices, light and comforting sea foam greens and an endless assortment of ocean blues.


There are many commonly used basics in coastal home decor. We’re going to share the fundamental concepts that can easily unite all the varying principles to coastal decorating. Even when creating your own ocean side motif in your home, everyone has different tastes. This list will provide you with some coastal home decor ideas and get you on your way to creating your own seaside paradise.

Colors. The predominate color theme used in coastal decor starts with white. A white background will make an excellent back drop for all your coastal decorations. You can then add focus with a variety of lighter colors like the earlier mentioned sea foam greens, blue sky blues, and shades of green, gray, white and brown. All of these colors together represent all the beauty of the coast, the vegetation, whites, beiges for sun and sand, coral and shells with a bit of tan thrown in.


Flooring. When it comes to flooring in a coastal themed home, you can choose terracotta tile to hardwood, with choices like unfinished, wide planked hardwood for that tanned or gray look seen in a variety of coastal decor projects. Another popular option is using thin slats which are then stained and polished to a sleek golden or dark brown finish.

Furnishings.Furnishings are the most important factor when it comes to decorating your ocean side dream home, and the possibilities are endless. You can bring in and focus on all the things that you love about your days on the coast. You’ll have an eclectic mix of eye catching furnishings with accents that are antique to modern, European to Asian and even African themes. One fairly common coastal home decor touch are well padded couches and arm chairs which are typically puffy, over stuffed and incredibly comfortable. They are normally covered in comfortable fabrics in solid, inviting colors, bold multi-colored stripes or floral patterns.


Plants. Don’t forget to add an assortment of large, leafed plants, placed here and there throughout the home. You’ll find a nice variety that will bring just the right touch to all your coastal decorations.

Accessories. Now the fun really begins! Coastal decorations are the most enjoying part of finishing off the perfect seaside themed home. Start by collecting some colorful coral, a nice variety of seashells, star fish and some sand dollars. Create some pretty displays by adding them along with a piece of driftwood to some clear display jars, maybe a big brandy snifter or vase of some sort … don’t forget a seagull or two. You can add a saltwater fish tank, straw baskets for this and that and even a model ship or paintings of them. Coastal living with beautiful home decor will be a fun project, specially with all the many choices you’ll have. Enjoy yourself, let your creative genius flow, and you’ll end up with the peaceful, ocean side haven you’ve always dreamed of, no matter where you live.





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