Color Choices For Your Home And Family

It is known that certain colors affect us in certain ways and most people will react in a similar way. So instead of following trends, which will come and go it is essential to understand the power of color and choose carefully and accordingly for each room. Making the right choice dependant on the function and size of the room is important in creating a comfortable and harmonious home that affects influences your mood in a positive way.

Choosing a color scheme for your home can seem like an overwhelming task but help is never far away. It need not be as expensive as you might think as designers fully understand the cost of refurbishing a home; they will work with you to get the best plan that suits your budget, even if it is only a guide to creating the perfect color scheme with you undertaking the work in your own time.


Understanding colors and the effects they can have on the inhabitants of a home is the place to start. Colors behave in different ways creating an active, passive or neutral reaction. Light colors will make a room look larger, airy and bright whereas darker rooms are good for large spaces and will evoke an air of sophistication and warmth.


If you are decorating a dining room you have time to play with color. As the time spent in this room will be more limited than say the kitchen or living room then you can make bold color choices. You want to choose a color that is powerful and will encourage communication. Red would be a perfect choice as it is known to bring people together, help raise adrenaline levels and stimulate conversation. For a kitchen, yellow is a good choice as it is an uplifting and energizing color so will help brighten, stimulate and welcome you at the beginning or end of the day, giving you that extra boost as you find the energy to cook breakfast or dinner!


The color to choose for a bedroom is probably the most widely chosen color, green. Considered to be the most restful color for our eyes, green can be suited to almost any room, however considering it cools, relaxes and helps us unwind it’s the perfect choice for the room we sleep in. It holds enough warmth not to feel cold and unwelcoming and has been known to stimulate fertility.


Being aware of the power of colors and their meaning will help you make the right choices for your home and family. The decision is yours but a little guidance will bring a lot of happiness and harmony into your home.

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