Colorful Or Plain Interior Design?

Should you go for colorful or plain interior design? There are people who ignore professional advice and ideas, and decorate their homes only by incorporating what they feel is best into their interior design project. On the other hand, there are also those people who like to get advice but want to add some of their own ideas to the mix as well.

After you have made the first decision, you need to make another one right away, and this decision is related to the following: whether to go for colorful or plain interior design. Each of these types of interior design have their respective characteristics, as well as their own plus sides and drawbacks. However, you should make the decision according to your personal taste and preferences, and this is the one thing no one can give you advice on. So, just take some time to take a look at all the ins and outs relating to these two types of interior design, and get to the point in which you will be able to make an informed decision.


Plain interior design

While colorful interior design is all about fun and optimism, plain interior design is all about elegance and moderation. Generally speaking, plain interior design is often considered cold and uninviting, but this is in most cases a misconception. A home can indeed be warm and welcoming even if it is designed in a plain and unobtrusive manner. For example, plain interior design often uses just a few colors, and these colors are often a combination of colors such as black, white, grey, tan, brown, and similar colors. While some of these colors might seem cold, they can be warm as well, depending on how you use them and how you arrange them in your home.


Colorful interior design

Colorful interior design is in most instances seen as fun and optimistic, and this assumption is often very true. A home that features many different colors will in most cases be very comfortable and inviting, and you should think about this when you are planning to decorate your home. However, you should also be careful not to go overboard and use too many different, bright colors, as this can have a negative effect and make your home look too immature.

colorful room1

Do not forget the rugs! Area rugs can be used with any type of interior design, as they are versatile and can be incorporated into every decorating project. You can go for colorful and fun rugs, and you can also buy rugs that are elegant and plain – the choice is yours. However, remember that a home without rugs can never be a comfortable and welcoming home.


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