Cottage Style Bathrooms

Cottage style bathrooms consist of bright, cheerful colors, simple furnishings and mirrors, and a cozy, homey feel. Cottage style bathrooms have light, bouquet curtains, fresh garden-picked flowers in a vase, and white fixtures with an aged distressed finish. Peeling paint, scuffed floors, and worn accessories like those artisan finds from the flea market or Sunday garage sale can achieve the feeling of cozy informality in a cottage style bathrooms.


Which colors you can use for your cottage style bathroom? Well, white is always a good choice, in tune with a lot of natural light. A white painted wood vanity is the hallmark of classic cottage style. Bright, uplifting colors also fit in well. Think ‘bringing the garden indoors’ and feel free to select a myriad of colors that go well together for your wallpaper, tiles, curtains, or bathroom accents.

cottage-towel-storage cottage-bathroom3

Choose colors that are muted, and consider using faux finishes that look white washed. Bathroom cabinetry, vanities, and walls will also take on the patina of aged beauty. Varying hues of tans, beiges, and whites give a crisp and relaxing atmosphere that cottage style bathrooms are all about.

Cottage style bathrooms have minimal detailing and mix-and-match furniture. Wood is a favorite for d├ęcor in cottage style bathroom, because of its traditional beginnings. Open shelving, pots, baskets, and urns are popular for storage and display.


The mirror is often one of the largest pieces in the bathroom, covering more wall space than anything but the shower stall. Changing the look of your bathroom mirror can have take your bathroom a long way toward cottage style. For example, distressing, crackle paint finishes, and wood stains can give your mirror a look that complements the rest of the bathroom.


Because the first rule of cottage style bathroom design is the appearance of COMFORT, one popular addition to cottage chic bathrooms is exposed towel storage. While this may not be appropriate for all bathroom layouts, if you’ve got the room, this design element adds a luxurious and hospitable feel – not to mention another fabric, always a plus in cottage style design – to your bathroom.

Cottage style bathrooms can inspire you to live a more relaxed and laid back lifestyle.


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