Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

Creating an eco-friendly home is not a horrific task if you know the designing tips. Having an eco-friendly home bring lots of benefits, such as it helps in minimizing climate change impacts on the environment, and it is also easy to create a charming atmosphere with green home decoration. How to design and change your home style into a green space? Here are the useful eco-friendly home design tips you shouldn’t miss out from your checklist:

Painting. Using painting with no or low-VOC paint, they are odourless and free from toxic which are harmful to our health and the environment.


Use eco-friendly flooring. There are several types of eco-friendly flooring on the market. Some of the commons one like bamboo, cork, linoleum and reclaimed wood.

Look for locally home-made furnishings. This will help to reduce the environmental impacts of long distance transportation. You can look for locally made furnishings, for instance, kitchen cabinets made by local craftspeople, handcrafted furniture, pottery and glasswork.


DIY pallet bed

Lighting. Using energy efficiency light bulbs to light up your house. Some other eco-friendly lighting choices includes lighting using solar power, lights with timers and motion sensor lights. All these help in energy and money saving.

Get live houseplants is one of the important tips to add green style to your home or garden. You may consider mosquito-repellents plants, some examples of these plants are lemon basil, rose-scented monarda and catnip. They not only look good but practical too, as they help in chase away the mosquitoes.


Monarda in the garden

Some other eco-friendly home style idea:

1. Buy used goods to save money and environment, do an internet search of ‘used furniture for sale’ nearby your town or city. Do the same for other appliances, flooring or others item you need, generally you can get them less than half the price.

2. Repaint or polish the old furniture to give a new look.

old sofa

3. Reupholster your old sofa which still in good condition instead of throw it away.

4. Check through your store room, who knows, you might dig out something new and interesting that could be put into good use. For those items you don’t use anymore, donate or sell them, it could be another person’s treasure.

Apart from the above mentioned, other eco-friendly home style includes using renewable energy for heating and air conditioning. One of the most common one is the solar panel installation. This helps greatly in reducing energy consumption and save money. Though you need to pay more for this, but it will reward you in long run.

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