Creative Interior Decorating In The Springtime

The summer is coming soon, and now is the perfect time to spring clean your home and shake off those winter blues once and for all with a bit of creative interior decorating.

Don’t let the word interior design put you off. Revamping your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming – small changes like new cushions or painting a wall can really brighten up your home, giving it a new lease of life ready for the spring.

We’re here to share some ideas and explain just how little effort it can take to change a rooms atmosphere and look. Here’s our room by room interior decorating guide to the possibilities:


Impress with a striking hallway

Welcome your visitors in to a hallway that you can be proud of. Surprisingly, instead of being a warm and beautifully maintained area it becomes the hub of shoes, toys, clothes, car keys, school bags and other things kids and adults tend to shed off as soon as they get home. With a quick visit to local carpet shops or rug shops you could have a new rug to match the colour of your hallway and bring the floor to life. Rugs create a soft contrast to your walls and floor, and can quickly start bringing colours and textures together.

Hanging mirrors on the walls create a sense of light and space as the glass reflects the light and bounces the colours around your walls. Pictures can really demand attention and become a focal point, bringing character and life into your hallway. Most DIY stores stock a wide range of pictures, frames and mirrors so finding the perfect wall art will be easy and hassle free.


Make the best of your living room space

From carpet cleaning to re-arranging your furniture – simple changes can really make your living room seem like a whole new room.

If your carpet has wine stains from Christmas or dirty patches that no-one owns up to leaving a quick call to your local carpet cleaners will leave your carpet with a new lease of life.

Also, a lick of paint on the walls will breathe life into your living room – If you don’t fancy taking on the task yourself a painter and decorator will be easily transform your walls and the best thing of all – is that you don’t have to lift a finger.

living--room1 living-room2

Once your carpet and walls have been addressed you may want to visit the local DIY stores and buy new cushions, ornaments, pictures and candles to make the most of your newly decorated room.

If you have a fireplace or fancy adding a fireplace to your living room, browse the internet for fireplaces or visit a specialist store to see what style and size of fireplace would suit your room. There are some many varieties of fireplaces available from electrical to gas ones, the choice is endless.

Dine in style with a stunning dining room

If you have a dining room and would like to create a stunning place to dine with your friends and family a change of lightning might just be what you need to create the desired effect. Search lightning and equipment on the internet to see what fun you can have with your lights.


The dining table is the centrepiece of all dining rooms and if yours has seen better days, why not visit your local furniture stores and see what styles would suit your space and decoration. From creative master pieces to solid practical dining tables – you’re sure to be willing it to be dinner time all the time.

Get creative in your kitchen

We all know kitchens are one most of expensive rooms in the house to re-do – so if you don’t fancy a whole new kitchen, there’s a few simple things that can change the look and feel for a low cost.

Changing the flooring can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter – whether you change from carpet to lino or tiles to laminate, there are so many options available.


The simple addition of new domestic appliances may not make your kitchen look a lot different but it may help your kitchen become more practical. Adding a dish washer or tumbler dryer might make the kitchen a nicer place to visit…if you’re the designated pot washer of the house!

Enjoy the view from a relaxing conservatory

If you have a conservatory now is the ideal time to be getting it ready for those summer afternoons and evenings. Fitting new conservatory windows may be an option to keep the chilly night air out and the warmth from the rest of the house in especially if you’ve had double glazing installers put in new windows already – this can also help with the energy efficiency of you house, reducing heating costs.

conservatory1 conservatory2

If your conservatory receives a lot of sunlight during the day you might consider putting up a new set of blinds to keep the sun from your face whilst you’re enjoying your conservatory.

Unwind an a calming and relaxing bathroom

After your kitchen, the bathroom is the next room in your house that can be expensive to re-do, but if you do have the money to spend it may be worth taking to someone in the bathroom design businesses as they will know the cost of items, labour cost and will more often than not receive trade discount when purchasing the bathroom on your behalf.


But if a complete new bathroom isn’t an option for you, and let’s face it for many of us it isn’t – new towels, blinds and accessories can quickly turn a drab bathroom into a haven of relaxation. DIY shops are filled with quality, affordable bathroom accessories that you can keep adding to once you have a staple colour or theme and the best thing of all – if you get bored and change your mind – it’s cheap enough to start all over again and change your colours.

Creating a cosy personalised bedroom

After a long hard day we all know there’s nothing like climbing in to your own bed and recharging your batteries ready to tackle tomorrow.

Therefore your bedroom is an important room that deserves your DIY attention.


A new bed could see you soon sleeping like a baby and waking feeling fresh and alert. Or new fitted bedroom wardrobes can de clutter your room and provide you with much needed storage space… can never have enough storage space!

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