Decorating Room With A Giant Wall Clock

Interior decorators still give a lot of value to big clocks while doing up rooms. A living room somehow looks incomplete without a big clock in it even though in this age clocks are losing their value as everyone always carries their own time. But ask an interior decorator and they will most often come with some idea to add a giant wall clock of some kind while doing the décor for a room.

A giant wall clock can look very classy in a living room. People who have a penchant for the ‘retro’ often use a grandfather clock in their living rooms. These grandfather clocks are of great value as antique pieces. Antique houses sell grandfather clocks at high prices even now and they are quite in demand. If you go into the history of wall clocks, the oldest ones were the pendulum clocks which were certainly quite large.

But some think that the modern wall clock has in fact evolved from the pocket watches of olden days as the concept of having the internal workings of the watch hidden in more in tune with the pocket watch than the pendulum clocks. Keeping their antique value in mind, lots of designs have been made in which keep the pendulum style intact but do not run by winding. Instead these modern big clocks run on batteries.


Large clocks mostly look best when mounted on walls. Often you get to see a giant wall clock in subway stations, airports, hospitals, hotel and office lobbies and big restaurants and shops. Big clocks are available in very interesting designs and they are used as utility items with a good décor value. Newer designs are coming up all the time where the most innovative ideas are incorporated into clocks. Since the wall has always offered space to add something decorative, designers are trying to merge decorative styles into them so that they become useful things to have in the house while making the place look stylish.

wall-clock3 wall-clock4

A giant wall clock has the space to use innovation. Lots of big clocks for the wall are available with beautiful and attractive graphics or engravings. Since they are hung on walls, their decorative value is much higher than the table clocks whose designs are more to do with space saving and compactness.

wall-clock6 wall-clock7

Many designs use varied materials like wood, leather, glass and metal to make big clocks. The designs could range from being very extravagant and fancy to extremely sleek and minimalistic. There are takers for all the types of designs as people are always seeking to use the giant wall clock as a decorative piece as well. The sleek and simple designs are usually preferred for office areas to go in line with the ’corporate’ look of such places. The whacky and funky ones are always a great way to spruce up your bedrooms. The designs vary according to shapes as well. Wall clocks are available in all shapes and sizes ranging from the geometric shapes to abstract ones.



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  1. Steven says:

    I like the first clock you have pictured on this page. I wish you would tell where I could purchase the clock. I have scoured the internet for clocks and could not find the one you have pictured for sale.

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