Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams – Have you ever thought about what would make your kitchen perfect? If so, multiple possibilities likely swept your mind.There are some tips to help you design the kitchen of your dreams:

1. The entertainer. Whether you want a kitchen that has an island for crock pots and buffet settings or a raised bar area for standing, be sure that the area between the kitchen and living room is open and not closed off. The island can be a serving station with electrical outlets or can be used as a prep area with a sink. Perfect for chatting with guests as you prepare a meal.


2. Multiple cooks. If you’re a family that likes to cook together, consider a kitchen cabinet design that has plenty of space and thoughtful amenities. Two sinks. A kitchen island. Two dishwashers. Centrally placed utensils above the central island for ease of use. Most importantly, perhaps, is the addition of two preparation areas with plenty of kitchen countertop space.

3. The family with children. Whether your children are teenagers or toddlers – or perhaps you’re thinking of soon starting a family – designing your dream kitchen can be a worthwhile task. Make sure everyone in the family can get use of the kitchen, including babies – from space for a bassinet or playpen to large counter space for a bouncy seat. Grade-school children who use the microwave and tend to climb to reach things can use more eye-level additions, like having the microwave installed no more than 48 inches from the floor. Pre-teens and teenagers may get use from a small-size kitchen addition to a family or recreation room, which can include a sink, small refrigerator, microwave and pizza oven.

kitchen-wheelchair accessible

4. Wheelchair accessibility. Accommodating a wheelchair takes nothing more than a little planning. Make sure you have adequate floor space with 48 to 60 inches between counter tops. Install a lower sink, pull-out bread boards for additional work space, dishwashers at an elevated height and deep toe kicks. Lower the height of your range and get a separate oven. Your refrigerator should be side-by-side or have the freezer on the bottom.

5. Kitchen technology. Today’s modern kitchen is mixed in with the rest of the house – TVs, Internet access and music can fill your dream kitchen. Speakers can be hidden inside your kitchen cabinets from an in-house stereo. A TV can be out of sight inside your kitchen cabinets, out of your way. If you have enough space, a computer desk can keep you connected.


6. The collector. No matter what your collection consists of, you can find kitchen cabinets to display it. And while your first thought may be to showcase your collector’s items above your wall cabinets, keep in mind you’ll want something to protect them from dust and dirt. So consider open shelf space above the sink or stove or in base cabinets for easier access to your collections.


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