Designing A Breakfast Nook

Designing A Breakfast Nook – How to design a nice and functional breakfast nook? Does it have to be a certain size? Does it have to have windows? Do you have to eat breakfast there? The truth is that there are no hard and fast rules, but there are certain attributes that most breakfast nook areas have. For example, typically a nook will have some kind of seating area where the family members gather for informal meals. The table does not have to meet any specifications, but if there is no eating table then most people are not going to call the area a breakfast nook. They might call it a seating area or a sunroom.

The furniture that you use in the eat in kitchen is called a breakfast nook set. This furniture set typically consists of a table and some combination of chairs and benches.

This is the one room in the house where benches are still used frequently today. The benches offer benefits that are good for an informal dining area such as extra storage under the seats and extra seating in general. You can fit more people on a bench than you can in chairs that would take up the same amount of floor space.


Another trait that is common to most breakfast nooks is that they are located off the kitchen. They are usually not a separate room, but rather share an imaginary wall with the kitchen. The open design is not mandatory, but it is typical. However, the it does not necessarily have to have three other walls. Some are shaped like a hexagon or octagon. In fact, the more walls there are the more like a nook this area will look. It has to look like something that is hidden or tucked away. The only common factor is that there are some walls missing so that the room is open to the kitchen.

Another common thing you will see in this room in the house is windows. Most eat in kitchens have a number of windows. The reason for this is that people enjoy natural light and a little bit of sunshine while you are eating breakfast can be quite therapeutic. Because there are usually windows, most breakfast nooks need to have some kind of window treatment to keep out the direct sunlight during certain times of the day. Bright sunlight in your eyes is not therapeutic at all.

Some rooms are just big enough for a table for two and two small chairs. Then they truly are just a nook. Some rooms hold large table with seating for ten or twelve. Then they are more like a dining area. Nevertheless, if they are located off the kitchen, have a table and chairs for eating meals, and have lots of light then they can be called a breakfast nook.

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