Dining Room Sideboards

Space in many homes is in short supply, especially if you have a family as you often seem to outgrow the space you have! Kid’s toys, gadgets, games consoles and all manner of things are in most homes today and often storing them when not in use is a big concern. After all you don’t want your precious expensive things on show when they aren’t in use. The modern styles and finishes on sideboards mean they can be used in many rooms and for multiple purposes. As a place to store shoes, books, CD’s, DVD’s and just about anything you can think of a sideboard lends itself perfectly to any use you care to have for it.

A sideboard in a living room with a lamp either side of it can look fantastic and pine sideboards are particularly nice when used in such a fashion. The soft tones of pine in a modern wax or natural finish can be particularly warm looking furniture giving an idea of comfort and welcoming looks to a room.


Pine sideboards can be used in a hallway to store all those things that clutter up the space, kid’s sporting gear, hats and gloves or umbrellas. Keeping our home clutter free is one way to enhance the space we have which is often limited. If you walk into someone’s home and you are tripping over things at the front door then it’s not particularly welcoming. Of course we live busy lives and many don’t have endless hours to devote to housework, so how do we cope? Quite simply we cheat and use storage to make our homes look less busy and full of stuff! A dust with some polish and a soft cloth is pretty much all your pine sideboards would need so that equals easy care and that’s exactly what we want.


Dining room sideboards are the perfect finishing touch to your room makeover. Yet relegate your sideboards to just your dining room or dining space as they are perfect in living rooms and even in halls. Dining room sideboards are of course fantastic in the room where you do eat as they can hold so many things, cutlery, dinner ware, wine and bottles of sherry or port. If you do a lot of entertaining then sideboards are probably something you will need.

The top of a sideboard is ideal if covered to use to place food on so your guests can help themselves. Do make sure though if you are placing hot dishes on top of your prized furniture you have heavy duty heat resistant covers for it. If you love setting the scene when dining then Dining room sideboards can be used to have scented candles displayed and lit.


Sideboards are versatile and certainly most homes would have space for one or two. You can get very small and dinky sideboards to fit into tight corners or small spaces and you can get huge long and beautifully large Dining room sideboards to match gorgeous tables. Most sideboards will have matching furniture in the range such as dressers, tables and chairs so you can get a fully coordinated look. Regardless if you want to use your sideboard in a more traditional way or a completely off the wall way there will be something that will fit your use perfectly. Go completely traditional with pine sideboards or go modern and upbeat with glossy yellow dining room sideboards, either way will look fantastic.







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