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Dollhouse Design – The dollhouse has become an item of interest in the lives of adults as well as children. It is, and has always been a fun activity for girls and is great for stimulating their imaginations. A child building or playing with a dollhouse is, of course, involved in a more mentally stimulating and powerful activity than simply sitting down playing a computer game or watching television.

If you are just becoming involved with dollhouse design, it is necessary to keep in mind that they can be customized or personalized to meet your specific preferences. Some interesting dollhouse designs can evolve if you let your imagination run wild and plan and design everything in the way you want them to be.


Creating a house for a doll has become an interesting hobby for adults as a recreational activity. In fact, there are numerous shows organized for adults and children interested in this recreational past-time. Here, people of like interest can gather together to swap ideas and buy additions for their creations. Making a house for your doll takes great care and an eye for detail, unless you are satisfied with a couple of boxes put on top of one another!


Karon Cunningham, owner of a miniatures shop in Bath, uses the doll’s house, to showcase some of her wares – each with an amazing attention to detail and period design.

There are numerous kinds of dollhouses that people can buy and invest their time in. The most typical scale for children is 1:6. This ratio is also called ‘play scale’ in this industry. Adults generally use a 1:12 scale for their houses; however, 1:24 as well as 1:36 scales are increasing in popularity.


Children’s houses are usually made of plastic as it is very easy to clean. Sticky finger marks can easily be wiped off. For adults, wood is the most common used medium for the house but the accessories can be out of any other material. Accessories can be made out of most materials like plastic, wood, paper, metal, stone and cloth. Even specially baked play-dough is used to make tiny accessories like food.


Lundby Småland doll’s house

One of the major delights of the dollhouse design is that everything we have can be reproduced in miniature. For example, a miniature drawer will be filled with miniature silverware and this adds to the interest of the house. The main delight of this hobby is to create a sense of realism and detail in miniature, hence an amazing collection of accessories.


Placing or arranging the playhouse and decorating it is part of the enjoyment of the hobby, even as an adult. In many houses, the dollhouse takes pride of place. Some people even have specific doll-rooms that are housed in glass cases. To emphasize the architectural beauty of your completed house you may decide to landscape around it. Miniature landscaping is easily available at hobby shops often where you will find model trains and accessories.


Trigger Pond cottages, collectible dollhouse, price: $9,700.00, PucciManuli

If you are not interested with the traditional old Victorian dollhouse there are many other designs to choose from. You could create an ultra-modern piece or something totally different like a castle. Whatever style or design you like can be created if you are prepared to take the time and care with detail.

dollhouse5 dollhouse6

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