Easter Theme For Your Home Decor

Easter Theme For Your Home Decor – Easter parties are supposed to follow an Easter theme but surprisingly, eggs, chickens and bunnies don’t cover it for most people. Many can’t make the connection between rabbits and eggs. Here are a few ideas for an Easter themed party.

Colors and decorations

Easter as a holiday isn’t associated with a particular color like Christmas and Halloween are. Dark colors normally aren’t used and decorations are kept light to give a fresh look to rooms and gardens. The decoration involves crafts, flowers and fruits.

The only chocolate involved is the giant chocolate bunnies and there aren’t many of them. Candy comes next, with jelly beans being used on just about anything and everything. Pinks, blues and yellows are the colors that are mostly used. Coloring is a popular activity for this holiday and anything that the kids color can be made part of the Easter decorations.


Barn animals

Everyone knows about Easter and bunnies and chickens but Easter is also associated with spring. That means you can use just about any cute depiction of a barn animal that you like. Take eggs and make sheep and cows out of them if you want.

Gifts and favors

Candy is the popular party favor item at Easter parties, but if you want to send someone an Easter gift that isn’t all sugar, try Easter fruit baskets or fruit bouquets. They’re not only a good gift, but instead of making complicated Easter desserts for the party, you can just put them out as centerpieces for the table.


Party activities

Egg hunts and egg dying are a must have, but there are lots of other activities that you can have at the party. The amount of space you have available usually helps you decide what activities you can have, but crafting is something that can keep guests of all ages happy. Go online and look for instructional videos. You can either download them or just get the instructions down and then teach everyone else how to make a nice little nest for their Easter eggs or maybe a birdhouse using ice cream sticks.



Minimalist Easter decorations

Chocolate and candy

Easter gift baskets with chocolate and candy aren’t the best gift idea, but make sure you have candy to give the kids. It’s an important part of the holiday so make sure you don’t disappoint the kids (or their parents) by not having any candy. Don’t make candy the only food at the party, but make sure that the Easter eggs are filled with it so that no one goes home unhappy.





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