Eco-Friendly Dining Room Design

Eco-Friendly Dining Room Design – These days many of us already follow the recycle, reuse and reduce policy in our homes and whilst out and about, with special recycle bins available on our doorsteps and in most towns and cities.

With a growing green product trend, many choices for eco-friendly dining room design have emerged. Sustainable woods, heirloom pieces and salvaged woods are some of the best choices for creating a green piece that fits a homes decor. Work with a furniture designer or shop at eco-friendly retailers to ensure the table is made from green products.

Sustainable woods are a good choice for quality dining tables. Ensure that the piece is made using sustainable wood by working with a manufacturer who specializes in sustainable practices.


Another way to ensure your furniture comes from sustainable wood sources is to use certified sustainable lumber. Certified woods come from forests that are marked by a worldwide coalition as coming from forests that use responsible tree management.

Heirloom pieces are one of the most eco-friendly dining room table choices. Passing down furniture from generation to generation saves thousands of pieces of lumber. Update an heirloom piece by refinishing it in a new stain or paint color. Decorate the dining tables with unique textiles and dishes to create a style that matches current d├ęcor.

Use wood salvaged from other sites to create new dining room tables that is environmentally friendly. Many architectural salvage shops sell pieces of wood or furniture taken from buildings that are being torn down or remodeled. Salvaged woods can be made into a truly unique piece by working with a furniture designer.





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