Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling – Your kitchen is probably the most used are of your home. A lot of water gets wasted here by the dishwasher as well as the sink. Finding energy star efficient products to replace old ones in your home will reduce costs in the long run. Following the above ideas and tips to help your home become eco-friendly and live by the ‘green living’ philosophy.

Recycled materials are important investment when wanting to help the environment. If you are looking at eco-friendly kitchen countertops then concrete, granite and glass are excellent options. Firstly they are low-maintenance and secondly there is no risk of their emitting any hazardous vapors.



They are available in a wide range of thickness and size and can be purchased as per the individual needs. Kitchen tables and countertops made of recycled materials are also very popular. Looking into recycled material like glass and certain stones can help too with making your kitchen gorgeous and eco-friendly.


Bamboo is one of the best options for you to choose for the kitchen flooring and eco-friendly kitchen remodeling. It can be used not just in the kitchen but you can have your entire house covered with bamboo flooring that not just looks suave and sophisticated but is also good for the environment. For hardwood flooring wood got from sustainable forests and salvaged wood can be chosen. It’s hard to be eco-friendly with wood since it comes from our beautiful forests and trees. Finding the right wood, and looking into not wasting extra from your remodel can help too.


It is always important to check to see what kind of oven/range you have now so you don’t have any errors occur when purchasing your new one. The newly introduced induction cooktops are the best alternative to the conventional gas burner as it heats by molecular movement rather than by burning natural gas thereby saving immensely on the energy used for cooking. Apart from being eco-friendly they are safe for kids around the house too as kids cannot get burnt if the do touch one by accident unlike a gas burner that can be disastrous in case of an accident. Kitchen accidents are the highest ones found in your home.


Energy star appliances have paved the way for many home owners. It is known to not only be energy efficient but to save on your bills and not waste as much electricity and water. Which is very important since the eco-friendly kitchen is where a lot of your energy and water is used regularly. Not only are they good for your kitchen but there is energy star, efficient appliances for your laundry room as well.


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