Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tables

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tables – Going green is a very popular part of today’s culture. If you have looked at the magazine stands or bookstores, you will see a lot of new publications that are advising people to be more eco friendly and showing them how to do it. There are plenty of books on the harmful environmental effects of not going green. Not to mention all the websites and speeches we are hearing day in and day out on not being as wasteful and leaving less of a carbon footprint.

But if you are moving into a new home or renovating your old one, does that mean you can’t have anything new? Not really. Here’s a look at a few ways to be green and still have a new scene in your kitchen.

Traditional recycled kitchen tables

When it comes to traditional recycled kitchen tables, you should be thinking about wood and plastic. It is very possible to be a part of the recycling world by buying kitchen tables that used to be old soda bottles or milk jugs. Also, old wood products are being broken down more often to be made into new tables. When you purchase these items not only are you not taking new materials from the environment, but you are also promoting the companies that have taken the incentive to use old materials to make something new. The more people who make these purchases, the more encouraged companies will be to make them.


Refurbished tables

While you may want a new look to your kitchen that doesn’t mean you have to have new tables. There are a number of companies that make an art out of taking old tables that were no longer wanted and refurbishing them to make something new. From stripping them and repainting or staining them to fixing up a breaking down piece of furniture, you can get a new kitchen table out of an older piece. By doing this you are taking a two step effect of first saving a piece from becoming another statistic in the landfill. By purchasing a refurbished piece of furniture, you are lessening waste and also once again encouraging those companies who are taking the effort to try and lessen waste. Additionally, purchasing a refurbished piece of furniture is usually less expensive than buying a new piece, so you will be not only doing a good thing for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Unique material tables

In addition to the plastic and wood recycled tables mentioned above, there are some more unique designs that have been created as a way to keep even more things from becoming waste. Have you ever thought about all the wine corks tossed out? Some companies have found a way to keep these out of the landfill by breaking down the cork into a usable table surface. In kitchen tables it is extremely useful as cork can handle heat, cold and even spills.







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