Energy Efficient Fires with Balanced Flue Gas Fires

In the cold weather and winter climate everything is scarce, and heat is one of those things.  Heating your home quickly and cost-effectively should be something to look forward to, and it is done the easiest if you have energy efficient fire or a Balanced Flue gas fireplace installed in your home. If you have an old fashioned model that pumps out smoke, burns wood really quickly and takes ages to warm your house you might want to think about converting it into something that works better for you.

Why Get A Newer Model?

Fireplaces: rising from the Ashes

Looking after environmental resources

To produce heat on a continual basis you need a constant fuel source. Using chopped wood depletes natural forest resources and kills trees which, in current times, the environment probably needs more than the global population. The air pollution emitted by smoke is also dangerous to the environment and to everyone’s health.


Burning wood in an old fashioned fireplace causes carbon dioxide, black carbon and methane to be released into the atmosphere, all of which are dangerous byproducts that are harmful to the earth’s atmosphere. This is where new fireplace technology can help as demonstrated in the Telegraph Article Titled: Fireplaces: rising from the Ashes


Looking after your own resources

Burning wood in an old fireplace requires continual wood to be fed to it. It costs a great deal of money and can also be really impractical if you do not have a lot of space to store your extra wood in. to maintain the heat levels you also need to keep the fire burning constantly and, getting home after work or getting up in the morning can be a drag if you have to wait for your fireplace to warm your home up.


Replacing your old fireplaces with balanced flue gas fires means you can warm your home up in less time, with less fuel and spend less doing it. It also means you will be more comfortable during the cold winter months.

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