Feng Shui Tips: Mirrors

Feng Shui mirrors are often called “the aspirin of Feng Shui” due to the fact that mirrors can create a number of helpful Feng Shui enhancements and adjustments. The following are some of the ways mirrors can be utilized for optimum effect.

Driving away negative energy. The Feng Shui mirrors are used to literally push back what is considered to be negative energy. This is done by placing the mirror in a position that is facing the negativity. The mirrors will reflect the negative energy back to it’s source, and away from you.

The stove effect and doubling your wealth. Your stove is considered a home appliance that may assist you in drawing in more wealth and abundance if you use it wisely. Say you have 4 burners on your stove. Since the number of burners can have an effect on generating wealth, than doubling your burners would be a great thing to do!
By placing a mirror in back of your burners, you will be able to clearly see your 4 burners become 8, which in turn, gives you the opportunity to double your wealth!


Mirrors in bedrooms. Some schools of Feng Shui prohibit any mirrors in a bedroom. Black Hat Feng Shui teaches us that a round or oblong mirror placed on the SW wall of your bedroom can enhance marital harmony.
Never place a mirror at the foot of the bed. This is a no-no in all schools of Feng Shui!

Opening up spaces. Mirrors are wonderful in opening up spaces that may be small or cramped.
If your entryway seems congested, first clear the clutter and then add a mirror on the wall to ‘open up’ the small space.

feng-shui-mirror1 fengdshui-mirrors

Reflection of nature. Using Feng Shui mirrors can also be a wonderful opportunity to pull in the wonderful aspects of nature into your space. For this to be accomplished, the placement of a mirror inside the house should be positioned so it faces the element that is desired. In this way, a beautiful lake or the ocean view can be drawn into the home to give an illusion that the natural element is inside the house.

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