Fireplace Mantel As The Hearth Of Your Home

Looking to revitalize your home? There are many interior decor ideas that could make your home dazzling. The fireplace mantel will change the scope of any room in the home, a magnificent feature that centers the room, and sets it off luxuriously. The fireplace mantel can be chic and elegant, eclectic, modern or even rustic in style. It’s more than just a backdrop, it’s a concept.
There are numerous fireplace mantel designs that will leave your home looking fabulous. From wood to cast stone fireplace mantels, the choice is unlimited. Transform a room into a richly textured habitat, with the glow of a fireplace in the background, illuminating the entire ambiance. There are many advantages to having a fireplace. They are energy efficient, and add to the beauty of a home. They can be enjoyed in various ways, and are not just heating apparatus. Recent statistics state that more than 50 percent of new homes have fireplaces installed, which goes to show that there are many people who are charmed by them. Add an old world charm with antique fireplace mantels or go for more modern cast stone fireplace mantels, there is no limit to the way this decor option may be used.

Cast stone fireplace mantels may be custom designed and are in general elegant and streamlined. They can be adapted to any room size, and are perfect for that comfortable family nook. They are also perfect for a more modern finish. They can be accompanied by any kind of fireplace, inlaid with brick or the simplest designs accompanied by an electric fire giving a stunning effect to any room. Limestone fireplace mantels are examples of how simple and appealing cast stone fireplaces are. The fine workmanship on these types of fireplace mantels is detailed and complete artistry. For the perfect custom fireplace mantel, look carefully into this option.
Rustic fireplace mantels add a rich texture to the interior that cannot be paralleled. They are perhaps the most apt for country homes, and or rustic interiors. This old world style, takes you into another era altogether. Even when not accompanied by antique or country furnishings, you seem to get the feel of sturdiness. These lovely fireplaces are common. Perfect in or outdoors, they are a centerpiece in any setting.
The outdoor fireplace is also a lovely addition to the home. Enriching both the exterior and setting off the garden for a spectacular look. In general these should not be ostentatious, because they are being dressed by the exterior landscape. However they give your exterior that dramatic look, and are enthralling to all fireplace lovers.
Fireplace mantels are the home accessory that have come down through the ages and still mesmerizes us. They were the center of the home; and they still exude that draw in today’s very modern world, with our vitro ceramic kitchens and air conditioning. However this piece of home architecture will not lose its appeal. It continues to be as prevalent now as it was then. An absolute icon.
So if you’re looking to re-decorate, and revitalize your home don’t doubt that the perfect fireplace mantel will truly be the heart of your home.






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  1. The blog really brings some wonderful fireplace ideas to bring aesthetic appeal to any interior. Making an integral part of modern interior, the fireplaces surely help redecorate and revitalize the home.

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