Floral Touch In Your Interior

Floral touch in your interior – What better way of celebrating the freshness and color of this wonderful season than to pre-empt the return of nicer weather by decorating our homes with colorful floral prints and adorning with an eclectic character. You can use this colorful display in your bedroom or lounge; in fact it is such a versatile look that it is sure to compliment any home, even home office furniture can be uplifted with a floral touch.

The basics of the floral touch in your interior are to ensure your walls and floors are kept simple, with pale walls and ideally a wooden floor, but a pale carpet works just as well. If you decide to decorate your whole room rather than just adding key pieces, the paint you choose should have a color picked out from the floral theme you are running with.


The accents of the room should be shown in the curtains and if creating this look in your lounge then your furniture should be a colorful material, making sure that it is a block-color, not patterned. If creating the look in your bedroom, try to ensure your bedroom furniture is not overly fussy and that your bedding is of a solid color, as the floral notes will be depicted in the curtains and the cushions. Texture is also an important area in the floral room, not overtly but as a finishing touch, the cushions could be of a satin type material, giving a shiny texture, quite neatly opposing the heavy coloring of floral prints.

Other accessories to consider in the floral room are vases and ornaments that reflect a floral touch, in the bedroom these vases could be displayed on a chest of drawers in groups rather than sitting alone by themselves, look for colored glass or if decorating the kitchen area, think about using floral china. Too many ornaments can look too cluttered but if you find the right balance can add to the finishing floral touch.

It is often thought that these styles are dated and old fashioned but if used in the right way can give you an extremely modern look and feel around your house and home. By adding color even if it is only a minimal splash will enhance a room, the brighter the better after the dark winter. As always with interior design, its the small things that go a long way and even on the smallest of budgets you can give your home wonderful look.











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