Garden Beds

Garden Beds – When the temperature is over 30 degrees in the shade, it seems that only a holiday at the seaside or mountains may help us. A fresh breeze and even a romance, you can bring into your garden. You will only need a bed.

It is ideal for warm evenings or lazy relaxing on weekend, and it will give you the magic of a holiday in hot summer days. This garden bed is made from materials different than home furniture, because it needs to endure all weather.

The material needs to be waterproof and sunlight-resistant. If you can’t find such materials, just place the bed in the corner of your garden where it will be protected from the rain or sun. Place the mattress and outdoor cushions to make it nice and comfortable. You can also make a light curtains or canopy, to give the protection from the sun and insects, and it also adds a romantic touch.


As for colors, white is always top choice because of its freshness. Cushions, throws and other details can be in bright colors, and the whole look of your garden bed will provoke good feelings and smiles.

The choice of garden beds’ design is huge. Modern or rustic, classic or hanging beds. Be sure that you make it to be strong end endurable. As the additional details you can put a nice table to serve your cold lemonade, rest a book or put the lantern in the evening.






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