Guide To Purchasing A Turkish Rug

Guide To Purchasing A Turkish Rug – Turkish rugs are made by women and the art of weaving is passed on for generations to their daughters. Today, you can find exquisitely woven Turkish rugs in over 750 tribal areas and villages. Considering the size of the investment, it is important that you learn how to evaluate the quality of these rugs and understand the designs before making your final purchase. Read the guide to purchasing a Turkish rug:

1. What kind of rug do you intend to purchase?

Essentially, there are two types of Turkish carpets – the Kilim or the knotted carpets. If this is one of your first purchases, it is ideal to choose a Turkish Kilim rug that is relatively more affordable.


These rugs are flexible and woven in a way that they can be easily folded. Since they do not have a backing, they can also be used as a furniture cover, wall hanging, rug or blanket. These rugs are often made using the flat weaving technique with cotton fibers. If you are looking for something more high quality, consider purchasing a hand-knotted carpet made out of wool or silk. Most handmade woven Turkish rugs are either single or double knotted with a firm backing.


2. Handmade versus manufactured rugs

If you are after a unique story, handmade Turkish rugs and Kilim cushion covers is just what you need. Each artisan creates designs that represent a part of their own life. These rugs are typically hand knotted and depending on their size can take months and even years to finish. If it is design control that you are looking for, commercially manufactured rugs will be able to offer you just that. As a buyer, you will be able to dictate the style, pattern and color that your manufactured rug must come with.


3. What is the size of your rug?

Before you go ahead and make any purchase, it is recommended that you measure the area or room in which you intend to display or place the rug. Most interior decorators will recommend that you measure the space in a way that a border of the flooring is permitted to be shown along the perimeter of your carpet.

You may be required to consider several different sizes for each room. Areas such as the dining room, entryway and lobby will not allow you to get flexible with size. On the other hand, your living room and bedroom may allow you to consider various different sizes of carpet based on how you arrange the furniture in these rooms.


4. What is your budget?

It is also very important that you set a budget for the purchase of your Turkish Kilim rugs. These rugs can cost anywhere between a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. Depending on the size, quality, rug design and age, you can select a rug that fits your budget and design requirements.

Finally make sure you get in touch with a reliable rug dealer from whom you can confidently purchase good quality carpets at the right price.

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