Hanging Mirrors In Your Living Space

Hanging mirrors in your living space can change a complete look of home interior design. Nothing can change the appearance of a room or a house as effortlessly as mirrors. Mirrors can open up a space, create new light effects, reflect color and even create the illusion of depth. Using mirrors can be both creative and functional. The trick is to think outside the box when considering mirror placement.

There are obvious places where mirrors work wonders. An attractive table with a mirror hung behind it at the front door always looks great. The mirror provides you with that “I’m good to go,” last glance as you walk out of the house. Place a vase of fresh flowers on the table and suddenly you have two vases that brighten up the room considerably. How uplifting to look in the mirror and see not only your image, but a bouquet of colorful flowers as well.

Hanging an attractively framed mirror over the mantel is another obvious place. The larger the mirror (consistent with the size of the mantel, of course), the larger the reflection. Suddenly your room has opened up, and the reflected light enhances the interior lighting.


Be creative in hanging mirrors and in using mirrors generally. A blank wall hung with several mirrors of different sizes and shapes transforms into an attractive artistic design. Try painting the frames to match the color of the wall and hang the mirrors with complimentary ribbon. The effect can be truly eye-catching.

If you have a small, dark room with no windows, consider hanging a large frameless mirror, or two, on the walls. Use as much of the wall as possible. Getting custom made frameless mirrors is not as expensive as you might imagine. Your small, dark room suddenly has the appearance of a larger space. The mirrors will reflect the light in the room to brighten it as well.


One home interior designer decided to dramatically open up a long narrow hallway by using mirrors. The hallway contained several small windows. The designer created mirrors that matched in size and shape each of the windows, framed them as the windows were framed and hung them opposite each of the windows in the hallway. The effect was stunning. A narrow, fairly limited hallway suddenly looked spacious and bright. The mirrors reflected the outdoor view from the windows, creating the feel of nature on both sides of the hallway.


Don’t limit yourself to hanging mirrors on walls. Applying mirrors to the sides of a coffee table, for example, is a neat way to open up space, as the reflection in the mirrors creates a sense of openness and depth.
Consider placing a mirror on top of the coffee table. A vase of fresh flowers will reflect up, adding a splash of color and texture. Candlesticks with or without lighted candles become dramatic pieces, creating the sense of depth.

Your holiday buffet takes on a whole new element when you hang a long mirror, slightly tilted forward, over the buffet table, providing the table stands against a wall. Trying that with a free-standing table wouldn’t quite work out. If it is set up right, however, the mirror reflects the bounty on the table as well as the decorations. The effect is enticing and may even encourage your family and guests to try dishes they might otherwise overlook.


If you have young children who like to help you cook, a well-placed mirror over the stove can do wonders. It allows your child to keep a safe distance from the stove top while still enabling the little chef to see exactly what is going on.

As you can see from this brief survey of innovative ways to incorporate mirrors into your home interior design, the possibilities for using mirrors to change appearances or enhance functionality are only limited by your creativity. A great way to get your mind working on new ideas is to take the time to really look at your home.





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