Hereford Oak Furniture

Hereford Oak Furniture – Oak is a beautiful wood, there is no doubt about that. In the past there has been little thought given to where our wood, in particular our oak has come from. With more awareness however of the importance of sustainability, more and more people are wanting to know exactly where the wood in their furniture has come from. Hereford oak furniture can tell you just that. Each and every piece that is designed as part of their range has come from sustainable hardwood managed forests. Each piece of furniture comes with a certificate of sustainability.

Hereford oak furniture is as beautiful as it is ethical. The material used is American white oak and all designs are created in the UK.

The very highest craftsmanship goes into each piece to produce items that not only look great but are hard wearing and durable too. The style of both the wood used and the designs make Hereford oak furniture able to compliment any house or even office. You won’t find anything other than solid wood, dovetail drawers and solid oak tongued and grooved drawer bottoms and back panels. All handles have a satin chrome finish.


There is a good amount of living room furniture contained within the living range. Here you can find TV units, coffee tables, sideboards, cabinet display cases and plenty more besides. How does a solid oak lamp table nestled next to your sofa sound? Or a nest of tables perfect for placing a cup of hot coffee? There are also a good range of bookcases available and they are perfect for either the sitting room or the bedroom too.


Included in the range are dining room table and chair sets that extend to accommodate up to 8 people. The set is solid oak throughout with the seats having beautiful chocolate brown leather covers. A dining room table from the Hereford range exudes taste and any home would benefit from this model. If a less formal atmosphere in which to dine is required then how something from the dining range? Here you will find beach sets with solid ash painted cream for a warm and cozy feel to the kitchen or dining room.


Whatever type of furniture you are looking for, the best idea is to search online. It is here that you will find the best prices available. Another benefit of choosing furniture online is that it is delivered straight to your door in one batch. This can save you a lot of time spent trying to organize delivery of various pieces of furniture. Online shops have fewer overheads that high street stores. This means that prices are usually lower and there are more bonuses and discounts available. Delivery is often free over a particular amount spent so you should find that out before purchasing.


High street shops have very limited floor space and that means they can only carry so much stock. If you are looking for something in particular, like for example a particular product from the Hereford range then you are better off heading online first of all as it is here that you are most likely to find the item that you need.

There is no doubt that Hereford oak furniture is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. With an extensive range of items included in the range, there is something to suit all styles, tastes and budges.


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