Home Decor Trends In Fall 2014

Home Decor Trends In Fall 2014 – If you didn’t like the brass details last year we bring you the bad news: brass remains a hit this fall too. In fact brass and metals in dark colors are one of the most important trends in fall 2014. In addition to these this fall jewel colors, accent lightning, wood are very trendy – this fall will not be boring.

Brass . This year brass can be compared only with the black. Brass was equally present in all and one style. Mirrors, picture frames, pots, chandeliers, lamps, table legs… everything is made of brass. In addition to the brass popular metals are gold and copper. Moreover, many designers boldly combine different colors of metal in its design.


Black, white and grey. Monochromatic colors are very popular this fall season, in all possible combinations. Black, white, black and white or just grey. Brass and other metals look great in combination with monochromatic colors.

Precious stone colors. In fall catalogs dominate colors such as: turquoise, purple, green, orange, olive green … All these colors are usually in shades of precious stones in combination with a monochromatic color. Bright colors are especially prominent on vases, pots, pillows … Especially popular this season is the color of orchids that has been chosen for the Pantone color of the year 2014.


Wood. Wood gives each area a feeling of warmth and facilities with wood details are becoming more comfortable. This year is extremely popular walnut. We can see walnut on the kitchen counters and other furniture for the home. Much attention is paid to flat surfaces that are more often made of solid, hard wood. And this year is extremely popular vintage furniture that fits with almost every style.

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Natural stone. Although you might think of the importance of natural stone as a decorative wall coverings, we take this opportunity to emphasize different decorative objects made of stone. Stone vases, dishes, coasters, lighting, decorative boxes made of stone.


Lightning. The accent lighting is an absolute hit this fall. Use it to light the brass objects and dark corners. The lamps should be larger than expected. The industrial style lighting is very popular. Classic light bulbs with exposed cables.

Handmade ceramic decorations. Retro style decorative ceramic elements are very popular this year. No wonder that websites as Etsy making the records in selling this year – everyone wants something unique and different.


Mixing the styles. The rooms where there is only one style are now a rarity. Mixing styles requires a certain talent and courage. However, the rooms decorated with mix of styles are more appealing, interesting and less sterile. In the interior the most commonly used elements are in vintage, industrial, rustic style. Everything is permitted as long as you do not create clutter and kitsch in the interior.


Asian influences. Designs inspired with Asian culture, golden decorations similar like in pagodas and bamboo details are just few most popular this fall. Look for the tables, cushions, screens and pictures in Asian style.

Eco-fur. The texture is extremely important in interior design, so each element that is rich in texture will make the space more luxurious and comfortable. It is precisely what you get with eco-fur. Buy eco-fur covers for cushions, use it for overlays or simply switch over to the chair. Fur is an ideal decoration for fresh autumn or the winter days.


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